Why Donate?

Learn more about how your donation will support people with intellectual disability.

Bayley House is passionate about supporting adults with intellectual disabilities to develop their unique capabilities and reach their goals and aspirations. We create engaging opportunities that provide people with intellectual disability with the choices they need to reach their potential. We enable people with intellectual disability to learn and grow, to build confidence and independence and to contribute to the wider community in a meaningful and impactful way.

Our vision is for all people with intellectual disability to lead a full and enriched life.

By definition, the NDIS is designed to provide a ‘reasonable and necessary life’ for people with disability.

Your donation can make the difference between ‘reasonable and necessary’ and ‘full and enriched’. The only way for us to do this and reach our vision, is through fundraising.

Your donation will help Bayley House to:

  • Constantly improve our programs, venues and equipment for people with intellectual disability.
  • Innovate, through new programs, activities and opportunities for people with intellectual disability.
  • Advocate for people with intellectual disability in the community.
  • Create new connections between people with intellectual disability and the community.
  • Ensure we can exist, sustainably, into the future.

Thank you for supporting people with intellectual disability to live a full and enriched life. 

If you would like more information on specific projects and initiatives that you can support, please contact our fundraising team at [email protected]