We provide exceptional services that actively support people living with an intellectual disability to realise and reach their goals and dreams

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We encourage and nurture connections with friends, family and the community

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It’s about you

We respect and acknowledge everyone as individuals with their own aspirations and needs

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Please give generously


Please give generously

When you make the decision to donate to us, you are helping people with intellectual disability live a life that reaches far beyond the needs met by their NDIS funding.

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About us

Why Bayley House?

About us

Why Bayley House?

We provide exceptional services that actively support adults living with a disability to realise their goals and dreams. We encourage and nurture their connections with friends, family and community. We acknowledge and respect everyone for who they are.

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From the people we support

Having a person with a disability in the family takes a huge effort. All others become second. Bayley House has given us the opportunity to breathe, share the load (good and not so good) with people who truly understand and readdress our own lives.

Annie, Hayley’s mum

I do lots of great things at Bayley House: public speaking in our Ambassadors program, fashion and textiles, drama, retail art, yoga and Workplace Training at the Childcare Centre in Brighton Recreation Centre.

Georgina, client

Bayley House was the first place I looked at and I didn’t need to look any further. I like the programs at Bayley House. I like the staff and I know I can have a bit of a talk to them if I need to. This year my main goal was to write a book. I’m proud to say I achieved this

Courtney, client


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