Partnerships with Bayley

Bayley House forms mutually beneficial partnerships with businesses that share our values and vision for people with intellectual disability to live a rich and fulfilled life. These partnership opportunities will enable your organisation to make a significant impact, whilst also aligning your marketing and community objectives with Bayley House. By partnering with Bayley House, your organisation can build a giving culture, strengthen employee engagement, enhance brand awareness and contribute meaningfully to the community.

As every organisation is unique, we will work with you to build a tailored partnership to meet your objectives and benefit people with intellectual disability.

Some ways which your  business can support Bayley House, include:

Cause Related Marketing

Simple fundraising initiatives such as donating a percentage of sales, cause related marketing or offering collection tins at points of sale are effective and build customer and client loyalty.

Workplace Fundraising

Hosting a fundraising event or activity in your workplace is a great way to raise funds and awareness for Bayley House. Whether it’s a morning tea, staff competition, BBQ lunch, auction or raffle.

Workplace Giving

Offering a workplace giving program to your employees – and matching their contributions – is one of the most simple, effective ways to support Bayley House. Workplace giving also strengthens workplace culture and contributes to a positive environment. Research shows 8 out of 10 employees feel their company’s workplace giving program reflects a genuine commitment to the community, and 85 per cent feel this form of community engagement and generosity makes their company a better place to work.

Gifts in-kind

Supplying in-kind equipment, gifts and services is an effective way for organisation to utilise their core business, skills and experience to support Bayley House.

Volunteering and Employment

Volunteer and employment opportunities for the people with intellectual disability. We work with you to find an individual whose skills and capabilities are a good match with your requirements. We provide ongoing support and assist with tasks such as transporting individuals to and from your workplace.

Michelle Hayward, Director of Philanthropy at [email protected]