Current Appeals

We run two main fundraising appeals each year, one at the end of the financial year and another at the end of the year. These two appeals are integral to our overall fundraising.

Setting, working towards and achieving goals is central to everything we do at Bayley House.

Many of our clients want more engagement in the community. For many people with disability, this isn’t possible due to a lack of opportunities. Our staff provide exceptional support in facilitating work placements that meet our client’s individual needs and interests. These work placements provide skill development, new friendships and an incredible rise in confidence.

We have seen some wonderful transformations in our clients who have work placements. Our aim at Bayley House is to connect our clients to more placements and support them to gain the tools and the training they need to soar high.

The people we support at Bayley House have so much to contribute to the community. Don’t just take our word for it, click below to see our superheroes in action.


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