Meet the Team:
Day Programs

An introduction to some of the staff members in our Day Programs area.

Leonie K


Front Office Manager

Leonie joined Bayley House in 2019. Leonie has worked across a number of different industries, including Banking, IT, Oil, Health and Funerals before happily settling into the Disability Sector. Her dual role means she works in the Front Office twice a week and the other days she works on the Community, Leisure and Recreation program. Leonie enjoys working in this fun environment which gives her a huge range of varied duties on a daily basis.



Program Manager

Tessa has been working in the disability sector since 2006 and has a background in Specialist Teaching and Dance Therapy, including six years working in the UK. She has a passion for the arts with Graduate, Post Graduate and Fellowship studies in Art, Creative Arts Therapies, Teaching and Social Equity. Tessa is passionate about Client Advocacy and is very active in supporting our Client Voice Group. She loves working with clients and supporting them to connect with their community. As a Program Manager, Tessa’s role allows creativity, bringing to life the unique and interesting programs and opportunities in partnership with our clients and local community.



Program Manager

Renae has worked in the  disability sector since 2003 and began at Bayley House in 2019 as an instructor in Day Programs before moving into the role of Program Manager. Her previous experience was in supported employment services, known as Australian Disability Enterprise (ADE). Renae is passionate about helping clients achieve their goals and increase their independence. She has strong skills in program planning which she uses to support our clients to achieve their individual goals and aspirations, as shaped by their choice and control.



Program Manager (Acting)

Serena joined Bayley House in 2015 and instantly noticed the warmth of the Bayley House culture and the inclusiveness of clients and staff. Serena became a Team leader in 2020 and has relished the opportunity to lead a staff group with development, training and support. Serena is a member of the Client Voice Group and was delighted to have the opportunity to work together with clients and staff discussing and implementing new ideas within Day Programs.



Team Leader

Jolanda has been working in the Disability field since 2003. Jolanda has a passion for the development of creative arts programs for people with disability. Jolanda holds a degree in Law/Psychology and further qualifications in Disability and Transpersonal Art Therapy.



Team Leader

Laprini began at Bayley House in 1999 and has now become one of our Team Leaders. Initially working in the accommodation service, an opportunity arose in 2004 and Laprini joined Day Programs as an instructor.  Laprini assisted with developing and setting up the Transition group for young adults. This group supported our younger clients to build skills in our vocation areas and also their independence. Laprini is passionate about supporting Bayley House clients, staff families.


Kath W BW


Team Leader

Kathryn began at Bayley House in 2015 in the creative arts area. Since then she has been quite involved in our retail art programs, supporting clients to make products such as candles, bracelets and necklaces. Kathryn was also involved in the healthy lunch initiative which supported clients to develop skills in order fulfilment, meal preparation and food delivery.



Team Leader

Kylie has worked in the disability sector for 25 years. Kylie has a degree in Health Science and previous career in nursing. Having a family member with a disability, it was an organic decision to move into the disability sector and utilise her skills and experience. Completing a Certificate V in Disability, Kylie now has a focus on supporting people with a disability to live healthy lives through engaging programs which enable them to make healthier lifestyle choices.