Bayley House first opened its doors in 1951 as the Brighton & District Branch of the Helping Hand Association, born from the vision of a group of parents with a desire to provide educational opportunities for children with an intellectual disability.

Today, 70 years later, we cater for adults, from school-leavers to seniors, through the delivery of a diverse range of day activities and supported living options. We support over 200 individuals with an intellectual disability and their families.

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The people we support come from over 20 different cultural backgrounds and have a range of intellectual disabilities. Many also have secondary conditions such as physical, sensory or psychiatric disability.

The history of Bayley House is captured beautifully in a book entitled A special place: a history of Bayley House Brighton. It’s well worth a read to appreciate our place in the lives of many people and our journey over the decades. Please ask us if you would like to see a copy.

Bayley House Life Members

We recognise and honour our Life Members past and present.

Mr C Godfrey* 1955
Mrs Kathleen Bayley* 1956
Mr C Elliott* 1963
Mr S T Glassborow MBE* 1974
Mrs E M Glassborow MBE* 1974
Mr K E Davidson* 1976
Mr R O Ball* 1976
Mr R J Black OAM* 1983
Mr T Haddon* 1983
Mrs E Tonkin* 1984
Mr T Mulcahy* 1990
Miss Beryl Fookes OAM* 1994
Mr P Blood* 1994
Miss S Ruthven* 1995
Mr William Hodgson 1997
Mrs Mona Andrawartha* 1997
Mrs P Arnott* 1997
Mrs J Kennedy* 1997
Mrs L Morgan* 1997
Mrs G Vulcan* 1997
Mrs Sybil Ball* 1998
Mrs Marilyn Duffield 1998
Mr Ian Grover* 1998
Mr J Malone* 1998
Mrs Joan Grover* 1999
Prof Peter Vulcan AM 1999
Mrs Faye Barrow OAM 1999
Mr Graham Gude* 2001
Mr Richard Fletcher* 2002
Mrs Toni Waite 2002
Mrs Moyha Bettess 2003
Mrs L Fraser 2003
Mr J Jamieson* 2003
Mrs V Jamieson* 2003
Mrs Val Doolan* 2004
Mrs Sally Stewart* 2004
Mrs Judy Browne 2005
Mrs Esther Campbell* 2005
Mrs L Dugan* 2005
Mrs Gwenda Hance 2007
Mrs Carmel Sullivan 2007
Mrs Janet Walter 2007
Mr Peter Lee 2008
Mr Peter Bennett* 2009
Mr Hector Walker* 2009
Mrs Hilda Glotzer-Rozenfeld 2009
Mr James Bainbridge 2010
Mr Ray Fairley 2010
Ms Krysia Hodgson 2011
Mr Gerard Savage 2012
Mrs Fay Matthews 2013
Mr Wally Matthews 2013
Mrs Shirley Kudeviita 2014
Mr Norm Peatling 2015
Mr Wally Matthews 2013
Mr Norm Peatling 2015
Mrs Prue Bennett 2015
Mrs Pat Calver 2016
Mrs Judith O’Connor 2018
Mrs Gillian Peatling 2019

(* Deceased)