Meet the Team:
Home and Living Support



Senior Manager Services
Home and Living Support

Kerri has worked in the disability, local government and community sectors for over three decades. After finding a passion for working with people with disabilities in high school, Kerri completed a Bachelor of Arts in Disability Studies and has been working in the field ever since. Kerri is driven by supporting people with disabilities and their families to reach their potential to live full and meaningful lives. Having previously worked at MOIRA, Kerri joined Bayley House in May 2020 and has recently moved across from the Day Service team where she was the Acting General Manager.  Kerri will be working in Short Term Accommodation and In Home Support. Kerri is really excited about the opportunities that Bayley House can bring to our clients and what the future holds.



Team Leader
Bendigo House & In-Home Support

Anna has been working in the disability sector for over 30 years in various roles. She began working at Bayley House in 2007, and has lead highly motivated teams within our accommodation service. Anna has a passion for mentoring staff to ensure that the people they support lead meaningful lives. She is currently Team Leader at Bendigo House, and is developing a team of staff for our newly created In-Home Support Service.



Home and Living Support

Joanne original worked at Helen Schutt House in 1989 which then became part of Bayley House in 2009. In 2000, Joanne became Team Leader, then moved from a support role to Roster Coordinator for the accommodation service. This role developed over time and Joanne found herself the newly appointed Accommodation Options Manager.



Team Leader
Fewster House
Gary has been in the disability field for over a decade and began with Bayley House in 2016. Gary loves working for Bayley House and has found that it is one of the finest organisations he has ever worked for. The team he works in is extremely professional and very collaborative, everyone works with the shared goal of providing exceptional support to the residents.


Team Leader
Blackwood House

Manhivi has worked in the disability sector since 2008 and joined Bayley in 2010 as a support worker. In 2015 he successfully applied for the role of Team leader at our Blackwood House. Manhivi is very passionate about the implementation of person-centred active support when providing daily support and follows the motto, “I see the person and we do it together”.



Team Leader
Leonard House
With over six years in the disability sector, Raman has a passion for supporting people with disability. He prides himself on providing an environment that allows clients and their families to feel comfortable, supported and capable. While completing his Community Welfare Diploma, Raman undertook placement at Yoorolla and Sacred Heart Mission. Raman has also volunteered at Multiple Sclerosis Limited and The Nerve Centre. Raman joined Bayley House in 2021 and is now acting Team Leader at our Leonard Street House.


Team Leader
Short Term Accommodation

Sam is a long time staff member of our Short Term Accommodation service having initially began at Bayley House as an agency support worker. In 2019, Sam officially joined Bayley House. The variety of clients and range of support options is what Sam enjoys about working in STA. She is passionate about providing a home away from home for clients while also supporting families to have an exceptional experience.



Team Leader
Marriage House

Torika started at Bayley House in 2017 as a Support Worker at our Leonard Street house. She later moved to Marriage Road house where she was later appointed Team Leader. With strong experience as Team Leader at Marriage Road, Torika is now also the Team Leader at our Poet Road house.




Team Leader
Lubrano House

Will began his career with Bayley House in 2005 as Support Worker at Earlsfield house. His work there led him to Lubrano house where he is now Team Leader. Will enjoy’s the strong sense of community at Bayley House and being able to support the clients to make positive changes in their lives.