Informing the Future of SDA

Around Bayley

The Bayley House Home and Living Support team recently held a forum to help families and carers understand their current eligibility for Specialist Disability Accommodation (SDA) and Supported Independent Living (SIL).

Click here to watch the recording of the presentation.

The forum was developed for families interested in learning more about SDA and our partnership with BlueCHP Community Housing Provider. Bayley House is collaborating with BlueCHP who co-design and provide SDA homes for NDIS participants who have SDA funding approved in their plans. It was wonderful to see so many families in person and to be able to share this new information.

BlueCHP is a not-for-profit, tier 1, community housing provider. Guide You Home is their unique participant-led approach to building and delivering SDA. Through their seven-step process BlueCHP design and build homes to suit the needs of their residents, in their preferred location and with the security of knowing that this is their home for the long-term.

This combination of BlueCHP specialist housing and Bayley House care will provide you with the opportunity to live independently in secure, affordable housing with the continued exceptional support that you have come to expect from us.

If you have SDA, BlueCHP will collaborate with you to start co-designing your new home straight away. If you don’t yet have approval, they can support you to determine your next step towards gaining this funding in your NDIS plan.

We are aware that many Bayley House clients and families have an urgent and growing need for supported housing. This year, Bayley House and BlueCHP are working together to provide well supported, local, affordable and permanent accommodation for eligible SDA clients.

The BlueCHP and Bayley House collaboration aims to offer sufficient SDA housing to meet the needs of all SDA eligible clients. BlueCHP presented various options and discussed their participant-led approach, demonstrated successful homes built including pictures and floor plans.

The Bayley House Home and Living Team will help you to prepare and develop skills for living in a new home, develop an individual transition plan and ensure continuity of care and ongoing support after you have moved in.