The future of SDA

Specialist Disability Accommodation housing for Bayley House clients  

Many Bayley House clients and families have an urgent and growing need for supported housing. This combination of specialist housing and care staff will provide our clients and family members with the opportunity to live independently in secure, affordable housing with staff support. They can develop skills, independence, friendships and a new life in their new home.

Families can be confident that their family member has well supported, affordable permanent accommodation located in the region Bayley House serves.

In 2023 we plan to tackle this challenge by working with Bayley House families and BlueCHP community housing to co-design and provide SDA homes for Bayley House clients. BlueCHP is a non-profit community housing company who will provide the homes that will be managed and staffed with Bayley House support staff to provide permanent, safe, secure affordable housing.

Bayley house and BlueCHP are holding a family forum 6.00pm to 8pm Thursday 23rd March.

  • you can be presented with a lot of information about how this works within the NDIS guidelines,
  • ask all your questions about this opportunity,
  • express your interest if you wish and
  • potentially start your journey to achieving long term, safe, secure and affordable housing for your family member.

How does it work?  (SDA and SIL)

  • SDA – Specialist Disability Accommodation (SDA) is the mechanism by which the NDIS subsidises the provision of ‘bricks and mortar’ SDA dwellings for people with disabilities who meet the SDA eligibility criteria.
  • SIL – Separately, Bayley House staff provide the Supported Independent Living (SIL) services to provide care and help you to live as independently as possible in SDA housing.

Find out more at our SDA forum

6 – 8pm 23 March 2023 at the Cluden Cricket Club
William Street Reserve, William St, Brighton
Light Refreshments provided

SDA Bayley House

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Bayley House has been working since NDIS transition to find a way forward to deliver more and better housing/accommodation options for our present and future clients. The separation in the NDIS model of housing (SDA) and support (SIL) provides Bayley House with the opportunity to achieve this.

We have researched opportunities to partner with housing providers who are well aligned with our core values and have a long-term commitment to people with disabilities. BlueCHP is a provider  who will work with Bayley House clients and families to assist them to determine their housing requirements and SDA eligibility. They will seek family input codesigning a home their family member can share with other Bayley House clients.

BlueCHP already house 400 NDIS participants in SDA homes they provide. They have the capacity to provide SDA homes for Bayley House clients who achieve SDA eligibility. They have a well-developed seven step “Guide You Home” process to guide families through this journey. (See below)

Bayley House will staff and operate the BlueCHP owned SDA homes using the same Bayley House staff, guidelines, policies house rules etc as we do with the existing SDA homes we own and operate. Most importantly BlueCHP will offer secure 60-year housing to Bayley House clients.

Developing SDA accommodation in our region is an expensive business requiring specialist property development skills and very significant financial investment. BlueCHP are prepared to make this SDA housing investment in our region. Bayley House has the skills capacity to manage and staff all the new houses that may be required by Bayley House clients now and into the future.

Families will be involved in co design of these houses to achieve the best outcome for their family member and the other clients who will share this new build home.

Every person’s situation is different and through a co-design process a range of housing options will emerge for example one suitable new build housing model for some of our clients could include:

  • Community living for up to 6 people in two by three-bedroom SDA dwellings including staff Overnight Office and Accommodation (OOA).
  • Located on a suburban block, say 700 SQM within our local region with outdoor garden space.
  • 24-hour management of the home and client care provided by Bayley House staff
  • All property and maintenance issues being responsibility of BlueCHP.

BlueCHP have a range of proven designs to share and promote discussion.

BlueCHP Guide You Home seven step process.

  1. Let’s chat.
  2. Put the team together – This exciting journey begins with a “YES” to joining together in building a secure, safe and a suitable home.
  3. Plan your home – Let’s talk about what is needed in the home & together search for a property.
  4. Give your stamp of approval – This stage is BlueCHP purchasing property whereby the family/client can attend the sale/Auction of property.
  5. Building begins – Part of the transition process is Keeping the Client and their supports updated on each process of the build.
  6. Move in – Home enrolled with NDIS. Client transitioning into their new home.
  7. We’re in this together – Management and Maintenance In / Outsource