Our volunteers assist in art activities, support our people who attend Bayley House in working towards their goals, accompany individuals on outings, serve on committees, aid our fundraising efforts and much more.

Over the years, groups of volunteers have made Bayley House what it is today. The Bayley Birds, originating in 1974 have raised over $500,000 through their fundraising activities while Family & Friends have supported the Bayley House community through fundraising activities since 1952. Residential raisers have also raised over $250,000 – wonderful support.

There’s always room for more volunteers at Bayley House, so to join the buzz and be part of our rewarding Bayside community, call 03 9982 1500 or email [email protected]


Over the years I have shared so much with the clients and at the end of my time with them I leave feeling happy and contented. The staff are inspirational and truly appreciate my efforts as much as the clients. We have lots of laughs and a feeling of friendship permeates our time together. I am so lucky and privileged to volunteer as I receive so much more back than I give. I always look forward to being a part of the wonderful atmosphere at Bayley House.”
Annie, Volunteer