Bayley House is committed to providing high-quality 24-hour care and support (SIL) in modern co-designed Specialist Disability Accommodation (SDA) housing for our present and future clients.

In the NDIS model the bricks and mortar housing (SDA) and the 24-hour care and support (SIL) are separately funded services provided to SDA eligible participants.

Bayley House has signed a Collaboration Agreement with BlueCHP, one of Australia’s largest non-profit community housing providers. They are aligned with our core values with a long-term commitment to housing people with disabilities. BlueCHP already house over 360 eligible clients in their SDA housing.

SDA homes provided by BlueCHP under this collaboration agreement will be operated, staffed and supported by the Bayley House team delivering the high standard of (SIL) care and support service you expect from Bayley House.

In establishing SDA houses, apartments, villa units etc Bayley House will bring together the group of clients who may choose to share this accommodation. If you are eligible for SDA housing under the NDIS, then BlueCHP can use the SDA funding to work with you and Bayley House to co-design housing to meet your individual needs.

BlueCHP have a well-developed seven step “Guide You Home” process to build SDA that is participant-led. They work with you as you establish your SDA eligibility, co-design your new home, prepare for the transition and move in.

BlueCHP can provide up to 60 years lease so that you can be sure of your long-term security. The rents are NDIS prescribed, the same as our Bayley House homes.

Our work with BlueCHP commenced when we jointly held an SDA forum for Bayley House families in March 2023. Already the first group of five clients have come together. BlueCHP has purchased a property in Mentone for this group.

This first development will be duplex style comprising a 3-bedroom Improved Liveability category dwelling, a 2-bedroom Fully Accessible dwelling plus overnight staff accommodation and office. We anticipate a two-year time frame for this project.

Two more family groups are working along this pathway with BlueCHP.

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About BlueCHP

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Customised to your needs

Improved Liveability: Homes designed for Improved Liveability help provide a reasonable level of physical access for people living with sensory, intellectual or cognitive needs.

Improved Liveability homes are designed to help residents live safely and independently. People with intellectual and cognitive needs might benefit from the use of contextual cues, improved lines of sight and consistency in the location of fittings and fixtures. Features like luminance contrasts or hearing augmentation can also be used to assist residents.

Designed to fit in with the neighbourhood and offering plenty of opportunities for outdoor and social enjoyment, Improved Liveability homes support the particular needs of the residents and give them a home they can make their own.

Fully Accessible:  A high level of physical access for individuals living with physical disabilities

High Physical Support: Fully Accessible with extra structural provisions for things like ceiling hoists

Robust: Resilient and sturdy built to accommodate and support people with complex needs


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General Manager Home & Living

For more information about our partnership with BlueCHP, please send an email directly to Andy Gabriel


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