The Bayley House Support Coordination team:

  • Have a real sense of community and a proven record in the ‘not for profit’ and disability sector.
  • Invested early in the NDIS journey with a strong commitment to educate their families.
  • Have a strong commitment to the individual, and their families, enabling the very best outcomes.
  • Are unbiased and have extensive knowledge of many service providers.

Your Support Coordinator will assist you with:

  • Optimising your NDIS plan, ensuring that you achieve the maximum from your funded supports.
  • Exploring options regarding service providers so that you have a good ‘mix of supply’.
  • Implementing and monitoring your NDIS plan for you.
  • Setting up your MyGov portal and connecting with the NDIS.
  • Building your confidence and skills to manage and coordinate services and budgets.
  • Negotiating with service providers to create service agreements, establish the supports they will deliver to you, and how much it will cost.
  • Helping to manage any problems that may arise with services.
  • Assisting you to prepare for the annual NDIA Plan Review.

How to Contact Us

[email protected]

Bayley House must act in the best interests of Participants, ensuring that Participants are informed, empowered and able to maximise choice and control.

Bayley House must not (by act or omission) constrain, influence or direct decision making by a person with a disability and/or their family so as to limit that person’s access to information, opportunities and choice and control.

Your support made such a difference last year…he has finally got a part time job in an op shop which he loves and he is being taken to services and having his physical issues addressed. Thanks for helping me to stand up for him and ambassador his rights and needs. – Rachel