Build your Bayley Pathway

Around Bayley

Bayley House is currently providing support for Bronte who is accessing Short Term Accommodation and In Home Support with the same support workers. This highlights how someone can build their Bayley Pathway and be supported at every stage by familiar faces.

Bronte is making the most of everything Bayley House has to offer.

Day Programs:

Every day is an adventure for Bronte. She dives headfirst into community access outings, exploring volunteering at St Kilda Mums, and embraces the performing arts. Whether she’s exploring what it is like to be in a workplace or dancing the afternoon away, Bronte is always in the middle of the action, making every moment count.

Short Term Accommodation:

Bronte loves spending time with friends and meeting new people her age. Bayley Stays are packed with fun activities, like taking the train into Melbourne city, visiting Moorabbin Airport, and other exciting places. This is Bronte’s way of soaking up new experiences and creating lasting memories.

In Home Support Services:

Bronte is also focused on becoming more independent. With a keen interest in cooking and tackling household chores, she is gaining skills that boost her confidence and help her live more autonomously. Plus, it gives her mum some much-deserved downtime.

Bronte seamlessly moves between these fantastic services, crafting a life full of joy, growth, and many new experiences. With Bayley House, she’s not just living – she’s thriving.

Join Bronte on her incredible journey and see how Bayley House can help you live your best life too!