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As the year comes to an end we would like to thank and celebrate all of our amazing staff and volunteers for the exceptional support they deliver every day.

There are too many wonderful people to thank individually here, but please enjoy a few stories below.

Home and Living

The Bayley House In Home Support Service (IHSS) launched earlier this year and families were quick to come on board and give it a go. In order to retain the consistency across the Home and Living space, some staff are now working across our permanent houses and the new In Home Service.



Bronwyn provides fabulous support to the Bendigo Street residents and to the In Home Support clients she works with. Bronwyn supports Amelia every Tuesday afternoon at her family home in St. Kilda, as well as supporting her at GESAC each Saturday. Bronwyn has built a wonderful foundation of trust with Amelia and works to help Amelia achieve her goal of getting out in the community. They enjoy taking in the many fantastic sites of St Kilda when they head out to local cafes. Bronwyn is also willing to step in when there might be a gap in staffing. She understands the importance of people having familiar faces supporting them and always goes that extra mile when it really counts. Thanks Bronwyn, for all that you do!


Joanne, is a staff member at our Lubrano Street house. She is known for coming up with great ideas, in consultation with clients, for outings and activities. For example, one of the Lubrano residents had a goal of seeing more rock concerts. So Joanne organised for this resident to go and see Guns ‘n’ Roses when they were recently in Melbourne. Joanne also came up with a long list of achievable activities for this resident during covid lockdowns which helped to keep his mood up! Thanks Joanne, rock on!


Long time staff member, Anna has shown excellent leadership at our Bendigo Street house and within the IHSS. Anna has worked with her team both at Bendigo and IHSS to support Bayley House clients to achieve some amazing goals.


A special mention also goes to Manhivi and the team at our Blackwood House. During COVID-19, Manhivi and his team worked to ensure that all the residents at Blackwood had the highest level of care.



Thank you to all of the staff who work in our Home and Living area. To read more about the Home and Living team, please click here.


Day Programs

A wonderful year in Day Programs which included a return to community based activities and our workplace engagement program. Venturing out into the community allowed for incredible goal achievements and the return of the much loved B Factor and Christmas lunch.



Long term staff member, Kylie has been instrumental in supporting Kouli to continue to work towards his goal of coming to Bayley House.

Kouli has been attending Bayley House since 1979, and over the past few years has decreased the pace at which he is involved. One of the main goals Kouli continues to work towards is attending Day Programs so he can socialise with his peers, maintain his community connection and be supported by his staff.

Kylie has been instrumental in facilitating this and supporting Kouli to interact with his peers on the days he attends Bayley House. Kylie has been focusing on supporting Kouli to maintain the friendships he has built up over his 43 years at Bayley House while also supporting him to participate in activities that retain a community connection, such as heading out to local shops.


Mark has been with Bayley House for six years now and brought with him a wealth of experience from many years working overseas.

The supportive relationships Mark builds with his key clients is evidenced in the goal progression seen over the past year. In particular, Jacob has been working very hard to engage in more community activities so that when he goes out with his mother, he will have more experience in social settings. Jacob has had a fear of escalators but with gentle guidance and consistent support from Mark, he has managed to overcome his fear and use an escalator independently. This was an incredible achievement for Jacob who felt comfortable enough to pursue this with the support of Mark. A fantastic outcome for all involved with Jacob going on to achieve many more goals this year including increased cooking skills, counting skills, increased general speech and confidence in the community and also enjoying his first experience in a cinema to name just a few.


Linda joined Bayley House at the beginning of 2022 and has been working from our Hampton East hub. Katie and Georgina are both members of the group she works with and their goals have been focused around workplace skill development through our wider Workplace Engagement program. Katie and Georgina volunteer at St Davids Op Shop where they have been learning how to label jars of jam that are donated and also how to present and display new stock for sale.

Over a period of time, the main goal for the ladies was to be able to attend their volunteer placement as independently as possible. Katie and Georgina worked with Linda to establish a pace they were comfortable with and gradually, over a few months, Linda was able to ease back on the support required as the ladies confidence grew. Katie and Georgina now attend their volunteer sessions with very minimal support from Linda which is a fantastic step towards their goal achievement.

In further recognition of the amazing staff team at Bayley House, we were invited by Her Excellency the Honourable Linda Dessau AC, Governor of Victoria and Mr Anthony Howard AM KC who held a Christmas Lunch at Government House Victoria to recognise the dedicated service delivered by Disability Workers throughout Victoria. This was a remarkable honour for Bayley House. While it was incredibly difficult to nominate only two staff members to attend, we were fortunately offered two more places. Long standing staff members Jolanda, Laprini, Kylie and Raman attended the lunch and were absolutely thrilled to be representing Bayley House at such an exceptional show of recognition and acknowledgment of the sector.

We thank all of the amazing staff we have working over all departments of the organisation for their support and dedication across 2022. Thanks for sharing our support for the Bayley Team.

To read more about the Day Programs team, please click here.


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