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Our Short Term Accommodation activity weekends are proving to be a huge success!

Short Term Accommodation is the perfect opportunity for taking a break and seeing what it’s like to live out of home. Activity weekends are now providing more and more options for learning new skills, trying new things in the community and making new friends. A recent dance party at our Asling Street house also included residents from our Home and Living service which was incredibly successful and lots of fun. This is just one example of the new activity weekends.

Having a focus for the weekend means that you can book in and have a plan outlined for the time you are staying and you will also know beforehand what your potential outcomes might be. Activity weekends incorporate lots of fun, exciting community based activities coupled with important skill development in a domestic setting while hanging out with your friends or meeting new people. This really is the perfect blend for being able to achieve your goals.

Asling Team, leader Aleshia has been very active in promoting these new offerings and is incredibly excited about what is coming up. Our STA activity weekends provide the perfect opportunity for you to try something new in a supported, safe way.

If you would like to book in for an activity stay or to find out more information, please head to our STA Activities page.