BlueCHP off the old block

Around Bayley Collaboration In the Community

After launching a partnership in 2023, Bayley House and BlueCHP are moving forward with successful plans to build the future of SDA housing for people with disability.

BlueCHP and Bayley House are collaborating to share their Specialist Disability Accommodation (SDA) and Supported Independent Living (SIL) housing and support package.

Who is BlueCHP?

BlueCHP is National Community housing provider already housing 400 SDA residents in Queensland, New South Wales and Victoria. They possess the knowledge, finance acumen and development ability to deliver high grade SDA accommodation in the Southern region.

Collaboration between BlueCHP and Bayley House

Both organisations have come together to combine their resources, expertise, and services to offer a comprehensive SDA-SIL housing and support package. This collaboration taps into each organisation’s strengths to provide a more robust and effective solution for people with disability.

The primary goal of this collaboration is to provide high-quality housing and support services to individuals who are eligible for NDIS funding in their operational region. By joining forces, BlueCHP and Bayley House aim to enhance the accessibility and quality of housing options available.

The Bayley House and BlueCHP package is available for those eligible for SDA funding under the NDIS and require supported independent living arrangements.

This collaboration between BlueCHP and Bayley House represents a wonderful initiative which aims to address the housing and support needs of people with disability, ultimately aiming to improve the overall quality and standard of living arrangements while also actively supporting the new residents to build their independence.

Next steps

With two houses already underway, 2024 looks set to be a real estate boom. We will support your client and family journey choosing who your family member lives with, their support model and co-designing their new forever home. You can find out more about the partnership and see if your family member is eligible by contacting Andy Gabriel, GM Home & Living.