The path to success is paved with experience

Around Bayley In the Community

A wide range of employment training is available at Bayley House, combining a mix of in-house skill development and community-based learning opportunities.

This year we welcomed five newcomers to join with current clients in the Pathways to Employment Packages at our Hampton East hub. The core group are enrolled in the CERT I and CERT II Work Skills certificate courses.  These Certificate courses are just part of the Pathways to employment packages, Pathways to Employment packages also includes:

  • Travel training
  • Hidden disabilities order packing
  • Community Engagement/Volunteer Work Placements

Community Engagement takes place on Mondays and is in partnership with Cheltenham Community centre. Some of the group members have joined the community based Soul Cafe where they are developing the fundamental skills of working in a busy hospitality environment. Other members of the course are working in the childcare space and music groups.  In addition to these two work areas there are administration skills, IT classes and English class opportunities. These classes provide further opportunity expand their work skills resume.

On Wednesdays the focus is travel training with course members developing their public transportation skills. They are gaining knowledge with the PTV app, and learning how to navigate and plan using train and bus routes.  The course members will also become familiar with tram routes when they travel into the city. The group recently planned a journey to Preston Market which involved a great deal of planning and organising.

Pathways to Employment is proving to be a very successful component of skill development at Bayley House. By partnering with external providers and businesses, each participant develops a range of skills that enables them to become more independent, far more capable and confident with their abilities.

If you would like to learn more about the opportunities available within Pathways to Employment, as a course member or a business partner, then please get in touch with program lead, Caroline.