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In the span of six months, Bayley Arts has achieved remarkable success, firmly establishing its presence in the art world.

A recent licensing collaboration has marked a new pathway of recognising the incredible work being produced by Bayley Artists at Bayley Arts

Bayley Artists, including John Pook, Paula Tardiff, Zoe Elias, Alisha Barclay, Darren Hooper, Angela Littledyke, Belinda Wallace, Edward Kidd, Hayley James, Emilie Teirnan and Sally Tran, have licensed their artwork to Disability Services Consulting (DSC). Their pieces will be featured prominently at the upcoming national conference, showcasing their talent to a wider audience.

Additionally, Sally Tran’s work has been selected for publication in a DSC article, further highlighting the growing recognition of Bayley Artists and Bayley Arts within the industry.

This partnership underscores Bayley Arts’ commitment to making meaningful contributions to the art community, whilst supporting the development of and showcasing works from talented artists with disability; and sets the stage for even more opportunities in the future.

If you would like to learn more about licensing the work of Bayley Artists, then please get in touch.