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Around Bayley

We all love taking a break and getting away from the day to day.

The experience of getting online and researching a fantastic house in a great location is something we can all relate to. There is no reason for disability respite to be any different. You might know this process as respite or you may also know it at Short Term Accommodation (STA), we have a much more personal approach and quite simply call it a ‘Bayley Stay.’

What is involved in a Bayley Stay? That is entirely up to you. Start by choosing which of our two properties suits you best. Do you want easy access to public transport, amazing cafes, some of the best restaurants or the famous Brighton Beach? Then our Asling Stay might be for you. If you want skill development, learning how to make your meals or if you need more specialised support, then our Hampton Stay might be your choice.

The booking process is simple, just email our Bayley Stays team who will have a chat to figure out exactly how best to support you during your stay. The team will tailor a stay that helps you to work towards your goals, that helps you to enjoy the activities you want to be involved in and ultimately help you as you strive towards independence.

Your first experience staying out of home is full of excitement and the team recently supported Sally to come and try Bayley Stays. Sally arrived on a Friday afternoon and was super excited that her friends were already booked in for the weekend. Booking a Bayley Stay with friends makes it so much more fun. After some initial apprehension, Sally explored the house, decided which room she liked best then headed off down to the beach with her friends for some sunset fish and chips.

During your time at Bayley Stays, we’re committed to enriching lives through meaningful experiences. Our carefully curated activities cater to diverse interests, ensuring everyone finds joy in their journey with us. From cosy gatherings to thrilling adventures, our experiences offer something special for everyone.

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