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Bayley House and BlueCHP Delivering new SDA Housing in the Southern Region

Bayley House and BlueCHP community housing kicked off their collaboration with a family forum at Sandy By the Bay in March this year. Many of the families who attended quickly realised the potential of this opportunity. BlueCHP can provide contemporary co designed SDA housing with Bayley House providing the onsite SIL care as we do in our current SDA dwellings. BlueCHP are one of Australia’s largest nonprofit SDA providers. They have already house 400 SDA clients.

The families worked with Andy Gabriel our GM Home and Living to develop groups of compatible clients to work together to co design their own shared SDA housing.

We are very excited BlueCHP have purchased the first property in Mentone. The families, BlueCHP and Bayley House have nearly completed their design brief. The first SDA housing will be a duplex style development comprising a 2-bedroom Fully Accessible dwelling + 3-bedroom Improved Liveability dwelling with OOA (overnight accommodation and office for staff).

This is so exciting for the SDA eligible tenants and their families as they look forward to their brand-new homes with secure long-term housing based on BlueCHP 60 residential agreements. Already two other family groups are working with Bayley House and BlueCHP aiming to achieve SDA housing for their family members.

We are excited that we now have a way to provide SDA housing in the southern region to those who need it. We are looking forward to another successful year in 2024.

If you would like to know more about this opportunity, please feel free to contact GM Home and Living, Andy Gabriel