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Bayley House Foundation’s Economic Networking Lunch: A Resounding Success with Keynote Speaker Martin Lakos

In a recent triumph for the Bayley House Foundation, the Economic Networking Lunch proved to be a stellar event, featuring the insightful keynote speaker, Martin Lakos. Since its establishment in 1999, the Foundation has tirelessly worked towards securing the future of Bayley House, simultaneously championing significant projects for the well-being of its clients. When you contribute to the Bayley House Foundation, your donation becomes an investment, strategically maximizing its long-term impact.

A heartfelt thank you resonates to Oak Capital, the event’s generous sponsor, as well as to Marlow Recruitment, PP&E Valuations Pty Ltd, Aster Alliance, SG Hiscock & Company, Meridian, Accru Melbourne, and Hewison Private Wealth for their invaluable support as sponsors. Together, their commitment has elevated the Foundation’s mission.

The highlight of this year’s event is the staggering achievement of over $45,000 in funds raised. The generosity of our gold sponsor, Oak Capital, and the unwavering support of our bronze sponsors have paved the way for these funds to fortify the Foundation’s resources. These contributions are instrumental in shaping the future of Bayley House and spearheading essential projects for the benefit of its clients.

A special acknowledgment goes to Martin Lakos for delivering an informative presentation at the event. His commitment to the cause extends further as he generously volunteered a boardroom experience for those inclined to make a donation to Bayley House. This gesture adds a personal touch, showcasing the shared dedication towards Bayley House’s future.

As the Bayley House Foundation continues to thrive, it extends profound gratitude to all sponsors, contributors, and supporters who have played a pivotal role in making this event an unparalleled success. Your support propels us towards a brighter future for Bayley House and its clients.