Give the Gift of Choice


Our Mid Year Giving Appeal is in full swing and we would like to thank those of you who have already donated.

Your support will enable us to provide services and opportunities that enable our clients to make personal choices that will positively impact their lives.

The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) was designed with the values of choice and control at its core. At Bayley House, we’re committed to embodying these values in everything we do. We support individuals with intellectual disability to live the lives they choose. We create an environment where our clients have the freedom to make decisions that shape their future.

By choosing to give a gift you are supporting our clients choice of:

Choosing Friendship: many of the people we support choose our clients choose to build lasting friendships. Through various social activities and events, they can connect with their peers, just as you and I can. Your gift can help us offer more social events and create spaces where friendships can develop.

Choosing a Bayley Stay: our Bayley Stays (STA) provide clients with the choice to experience independent living in a supportive environment. Your gift can help fund accommodation activities and resources that make these stays enriching and fulfilling experiences.

Choosing to Learn and Perform: from music and art to gardening and cooking, our clients have a diverse range of interests and talents. With your support, we can offer workshops, classes, and performance opportunities that allow them to explore their passions and showcase their skills.

Choosing to Learn Work Skills: we support our clients in goal setting to enable confidence building, skill development and volunteer placements. Many of our clients aspire to greater engagement in the community, to build a career and have the confidence to be more independent.

Every dollar you contribute to Bayley House directly supports our values of empowering individuals with intellectual disability to make choices that support development in their daily lives. Your generosity enables us to continue providing the resources, programs, and extra support that make choice and control a reality for our clients.

We urgently need more support to help us reach our target of $150,000 to provide individuals with intellectual disability a variety of opportunities that will help shape their future.

Join us in creating more choice and control for our clients.

Please donate to our Mid Year Giving Appeal – click here.