AST 2023 Graduation Group Shines: Celebrating Certificate I Work Education Milestones

Around Bayley

AST 2023 Graduation Group is a dynamic ensemble of students who embarked on the Certificate I Work Education training course. Some brought prior knowledge, while others faced the unknown, creating a unique blend of experiences. Course teachers and support staff witnessed the collective growth, resilience, and individual transformations throughout the program.

Amidst the challenges of remote learning during the COVID era, the group navigated uncharted territory, proving their mettle in adapting to a new learning environment. With trainers online and on-site support staff, the student group faced obstacles head-on, showcasing determination and resilience.

Diverse Topics Explored

From interpreting safety signs to honing organisational skills, this cohort delved into a myriad of units and activities, transforming overwhelming folders into a treasure trove of knowledge. Topics ranged from effective volunteerism and employment preparation to practical placement with support, offering a holistic learning experience.

Some of the Units covered were:

  • Recognise and interpret Safety signs and symbols
  • Completing forms
  • Being an effective volunteer
  • Preparation for Employment
  • Participation in vocational activities
  • Develop personal management skills for work
  • Participation in Practical placement with support

All the above Units were further sub divided into activities for further learning:

  • Organisational skills
  • Problem solving
  • Risk assessment
  • Emergency responses
  • Communication
  • Active listening
  • Observational skills
  • Identify, recognise and interpretation
  • Use of PTV website – planning travel arrangements via public transport

Growth, Independence, and Peer Support:

Witnessing the students evolve into independent thinkers, active problem solvers, and adept communicators was a true highlight. The camaraderie forged amongst the group, regardless of initial shyness, became a pillar of support. The willingness to learn and apply theory to practice shone through, fostering a sense of self-confidence.

The culmination of this transformative journey was marked by the students designing their invitations and crafting individual speeches, a testament to their new found self-confidence. At the graduation ceremony, gratitude was expressed to the instructors Amy and Chris. The resounding consensus? A collective desire to continue the educational and professional journey in 2024.

Join us in celebrating the AST 2023 Graduation Group achievements during the past year.