Exploring the Bayley Experience

Around Bayley

As school leavers venture into the exciting world of adulthood, they are often met with a myriad of choices and possibilities. Recently, several students from Berendale spent the day at our Nepean hub, to see what life is like out of school.

These trial days at our Nepean hub offer students the chance to immerse themselves in the Bayley House environment, gaining insights into our “Pathways to Employment” program, job readiness initiatives, and skill development opportunities.

The Nepean hub serves as a space for honing skills essential for job readiness. The hub is a nurturing and supportive space to develop the skills needed for future employment. A diverse range of programs are on offer including multiple AST courses, travel training, and Hidden Disabilities Sunflower product packing.

We find that the current students are curious about their post-school options and enjoy spending some time with people who are currently at Bayley House, people who have already embarked on their own unique journeys of growth and development. The exchange of experiences during these trial days cannot be shared any other way than in person. These days provide invaluable experiences for all involved.

The trial days not only empower school leavers with knowledge about the support and opportunities that are available to them. As school leavers step into the next chapter of their lives, their visit to Bayley House becomes a pivotal moment in what they choose to do next.

Our trial days provide an insight into what is available, who you might be spending your days with and what is on offer once the students leave school. If you would like to arrange a trial day to see if Bayley House is right for you, then please get in touch with the team.