Super Simon

Around Bayley In the Community

Simon is our resident ‘rev head’ at Bayley House who has a passion for cars, particularly V8 Supercars.

Last year he was given an opportunity to assist at Brighton Auto and now every Tuesday, an ecstatic Simon is embraced by the team at the dealership where he is responsible for keeping the showroom cars glistening and assisting with administration tasks such as filing.

Simon is very proud of his role and loves telling everyone about the important part he plays at the dealership. Those around Simon have noticed his boost in confidence since he has had his role at Brighton Auto, it is incredible to see the changes in such a short period.

We heard from Simon’s boss, Michael, who told us about the positive impact of getting involved with Bayley House:

When I saw the request come through, I thought I would really like to help. At Brighton Auto we have the scope to assist, it’s really not that hard. Some people might put it in the ‘too hard’ basket but it isn’t, it is a small avenue to help with cleaning and tidying. And by giving Simon some admin work we are giving more depth to his role. We are in a good position and have the means to hire more staff if needed but it’s about that link of connectivity.

Everyone has been very supportive and it feels good to help Simon.  He has something to look forward to every week and engage with more people. We love having him here; he is welcome to stay as long as he likes.

And through this experience, I feel we have all learned open mindedness and I hope more people will do the same.”

Not only is Simon exploring his passion but he has met a new group of people who are very supportive of him. Simon’s community has expanded through this opportunity and he is cementing new life skills every day.