Native Mural Masterpiece

Around Bayley

Crafting a mural is a collaborative endeavour that brings together the talents of numerous individuals.

Our fortunate stroke of luck brought us the invaluable skills of several students from Brighton Grammar, who effortlessly wielded their brushes and contributed to the creation of this masterpiece.

Accompanied by two staff members and artist Despina, the team were onsite at Bayley House for a week. During this, they worked side by side with our clients to bring this vision to life on the once bare wall along our drive way.

New names were recently introduced to our groups and rooms, based on Australian flora and fauna. These new group names formed the brief for the mural which features a number of native flowers and many vibrant colours.

The students also actively participated in a number of other activities at Bayley House across the week. The boys took part in our hockey programs, run by Bayside Hockey and also joined in with our Special Olympics sports group.

To celebrate the creative process and the finishing of the mural, on the last day over 100 pizzas were delivered to celebrate the unveiling of the mural.

It was a great opportunity for Bayley House clients and Brighton Grammar Students to interact and socialise, with both groups learning so much from each other while joining forces on this collaboration.

Thank you to everyone involved in this, it is wonderful for Bayley House to have such a stunning visual representation of a strong community based relationship.