Digging Deeper: Harnessing the Secrets of Garden Worms

Around Bayley In the Community

Our garden is thriving thanks to some help from some friends, big and small!

We are incredibly grateful for the generous grant received from the Sandringham Lions Club via Bayside City Council. This grant has allowed our clients at Bayley House to embark on an exciting project—the creation of a ‘Worm Café’. Thanks to this support, we are able to establish 10 worm farms where our clients will actively participate by feeding the worms with recycled food scraps collected from across Bayley House. As the worms process the food, we will collect their nutrient-rich by product, known as “worm wee,” in appropriate containers.

Our clients have taken the initiative to design labels that will be attached to the bottles of ‘worm wee’. They will distribute these bottles across the Bayside Community as part of a small social enterprise, ensuring accessibility and affordability. In addition to the worm farms, we have also been able to purchase aprons, a garden shed, and various other gardening tools to support this project.

Gardening has emerged as a passion for our clients at Bayley House, providing them with confidence, empowerment, engagement, and improved communication skills. This project not only nurtures their interests but also offers a valuable opportunity for them to learn about sustainability and witness the tangible results of their hard work, from the initial stages to the final bottled product.

Moreover, this project encourages our clients to spend time outdoors and actively engage in a meaningful, environmentally friendly enterprise that they can contribute to from start to finish. The collaboration with the Sandringham Lions Club has forged a mutually beneficial relationship. Their support extends beyond the grant, as they help us raise awareness about the project through their existing community networks. This partnership opens up new avenues for information sharing and assistance, benefiting everyone involved.

Once again, we express our heartfelt gratitude to the Sandringham Lions Club and Bayside City Council for their invaluable support. Their contribution has made a significant difference in the lives of our clients and the community as a whole.