Carmelo’s great cause, cultivating community impact

Around Bayley Fundraising

At Bayley House, we understand that work experience opportunities can be limited for adults with disability in the wider community. We work with our clients to identify their goals and provide them with the necessary tools and confidence to achieve their goals.

Our Community Engagements staff at Bayley House support our clients in finding volunteer placements that align with their skills and passions. Carmelo, is determined to make a positive impact in the community. As part of the Keep Victoria Beautiful project, Carmelo volunteers as a Stationeer at Middle Brighton Station.

Every Tuesday, Carmelo eagerly heads to the station, ready to take on his duties of ensuring the area is in top-notch condition. From watering the gardens to picking up rubbish and maintaining tidiness, Carmelo works diligently to create a pleasant environment for everyone to enjoy. His love for this work shines through as he looks forward to each week’s gardening activities and community involvement.

Interestingly, Carmelo’s connection to his work goes beyond just the job itself. Gardening holds a special place in his heart as it was an activity he shared with his late father in their spacious garden filled with fruits and vegetables. Carmelo cherishes the memories of those times and now, through his volunteer work, he gets to continue his passion while making a positive contribution in the community.

Carmelo’s story is a testament to the incredible achievements our clients can accomplish when given the opportunity. We are immensely proud of Carmelo and all our clients who embrace their passions and contribute to the community in meaningful ways. Join us as we celebrate their achievements.

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