Reintroducing: The Bayley Voice Group

Around Bayley

The Bayley Voice Group began their public facing journey together as the Client Voice group. Over the course of many meetings and consultation within the group, it was unanimously decided that the word ‘client’ did not capture the representation the group was aiming for.

So why the need for change?

The newly renamed Bayley Voice Group gives the members the representation they had been searching for – they are quite simply the voice of Bayley House. Work conducted with the group feeds directly into the Bayley community and then spreads into wider sections of the community through roles such as the ambassadors, who proudly welcome visitors to Bayley House.

Each month, the Bayley Voice Group holds meetings that are open to everyone who attends Bayley House and these are conducted in person and over zoom so that people across our multiple sites can participate and contribute.

The biggest project the Bayley Voice Group has implemented so far is the Bayley Ambassadors and their ID cards. The Bayley Voice Group was involved in every step of the process from identifying that an ID card was needed, to opening up the forum for a design competition and then consulting with the marketing to assist with the production of the cards.

Bayley Ambassador, Wendy loves the card design and wears hers proudly each day as she takes on tasks that she feels add value to Bayley House. She recently returned from a trip to the Melbourne Now exhibition at the NGV with a stunning poster that showcased the event. Wendy enjoyed the exhibition so much that she wanted to share it with the staff at our Nepean Hub so they could decide if they wanted to visit the exhibition or not.

The Bayley Voice Group is an integral part of Bayley House and performs a very important peer to peer function that supports everyone to feel included and stay up to date with what is happening within their service.

How can you participate?

The group is currently on the lookout for new members so if you would like join in then please contact Tess.