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Around Bayley

Bayley House In-Home Support Services has recently launched, providing personalised one to one support within your home.

A number of families have been using the service, which introduces a Bayley House staff member to a loved one in their comfort of their own home. In many cases families and clients already know and have a relationship with the staff member providing the support. This means less time is spent getting to know each other and more time is immediately available for getting out and about in the community, for assistance with learning new skills at home and for the all-important one to one support.

We take great pride in matching suitable staff to clients and ensuring that consistency is maintained as much as possible. Our In-Home Support Team Leader, Anna explained ‘we really are about trying to match a worker with the person receiving the supports or a small team or workers. We understand the importance of the relationship.’

Kath has been utilising the In Home Service for her daughter, Amelia for the past six months and cannot speak highly enough about the level of support provided and the trust she has not only in Bayley House but in the staff member who supports Amelia twice a week, ‘the thing about Bayley House is that they are professional, we know they are going to be fantastic with our daughter and we have to trust these people who are in our homes. I truly believe if you go and speak to the people and just dive in and jump into that service, they will benefit from it so much.’

Click the following link to find out more about our In Home Support Service.

For a look at the many benefits of using the service, please see Amelia’s story below.