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Introducing the team behind our Client Voice Group.

A number of years ago, the first official Client Voice Group was formed. Client meetings have been an integral part of the Bayley House process of sharing information and gaining feedback. While these meetings are a great platform for open discussion, it was suggested that a formal Client Voice Group might benefit the Bayley House community. The Client Voice Group could function as a vehicle for those who may not feel confident speaking in larger format meetings and also produce information for everyone at Bayley House. The group has been working on client driven initiatives for a number of years now, with a focus on making information accessible in many ways.

The Client Voice Group reviews all Easy Read documentation that is developed within Bayley House, to ensure that all clients have access in a way that is meaningful to them. The group is always looking for innovative ways to share their news and information and recently introduced an audio recap of their monthly meetings alongside visual meeting minutes.

Each month a meeting is held, tabling any important information, news and events from Bayley House. The group members all have a chance to chair the meetings and then share the minutes with clients and staff. This year we welcome an additional format of the meeting minutes, in the form of the Bayley Babble podcast. It was suggested that an audio only recap of the minutes would be a great addition to the accessible options already available.

You can listen by clicking the image below.