A Focus on Family and Friends

Around Bayley In the Community

Bayley House Family and Friends group is an integral part of our community, providing support in many different ways.

The Bayley House Family and Friends group was set up 60 years ago to provide extra support to parents, and to raise funds to further assist the clients of Bayley House. Some of the initial founders are still active today. Today, the group provides a support structure for families, shares important information from Bayley House and also has a monthly meeting where they are able to communicate directly with Bayley House staff. Every Bayley House family is invited and encouraged to join the Family and Friends group. This is a space where you can ask questions and talk with like minded people who all have Bayley House in common.

After each monthly meeting, a newsletter is sent out via email. If you would like to receive the Family and Friends newsletter, please let us know.  You can read the most recent meeting minutes here.

Along with monthly meetings, the Family and Friends group have a number of fundraising drives each year. Their current Easter Raffle is one not to be missed, with a huge amount of prizes, this raffle is always very popular and tickets sell out quickly. You can purchase tickets from the Bayley House office.

You can find out more about the Bayley House Family and Friends group here.