Solid foundations for a new partnership


To close out 2022, Bayley House is excited to announce a new partnership with the Ian and Shirley Norman Foundation.

The Ian and Shirley Norman Foundation pays homage to the late Ian and Shirley Norman, who worked tirelessly to successfully establish the retail business of Norman Ross followed by Harvey Norman. The family is very proud of their parents’ work and charitable giving and now, with the generous support of the three Norman children, Karen, Tracy, and Glen, the Foundation has been set up to continue their parents’ substantial philanthropic efforts.

The purpose of the Ian and Shirley Norman Foundation is ‘To encourage and support organisations that are capable of responding to social and ecological opportunities and challenges.’

The partnership between the Ian and Shirley Norman Foundation and Bayley House certainly aligns with this purpose, with the long-term partnership focussing on the new Bayley Arts Project. The vision of Bayley Arts is to build social inclusion for people with disabilities by bringing together people with, and without, disabilities who have a shared passion for the arts. Whilst Bayley House has a long history of providing programs for people with disability, this partnership will fund a new role which will ensure that Bayley Arts creates inclusion within the community.

This new Community Engagement Manager role, funded by the Ian and Shirley Norman Foundation, will focus on creating opportunities for the community to interact with Bayley Arts and our clients. This is a new and integral role designed to drive and lead the interface between Bayley Arts and the arts community more generally.

Bayley House would like to thank the Ian and Shirley Norman Foundation for their generous support and looks forward to a long, impactful relationship.

We send out a thank you to everyone in the Bayley House community who have supported us this year. Your donations and support have lasting impact in the lives of the people who choose to come to Bayley House.

You can read a further review of fundraising in the 2021/2022 Annual Report.