Staying Power

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Bayley House has two specifically designed respite houses that can each accommodate five guests. This is your home away from home where you will be assisted by our trained staff to live independently, learn skills and meet new friends.

Our Short Term Accommodation (STA) provides opportunities for people to have scheduled time apart from their families to experience the feeling of living away from home; while learning basic life skills to assist in developing their independence. This experience can often be shared and enjoyed with friends (from Bayley House) who also access STA.

We have recently introduced the STA Life Skills Program. This program focuses on the development of four key life skill areas:

  • Communication/Social Engagement
  • Self-Care
  • Cooking
  • Household Tasks

During the life skills program, people will be supported by staff to undertake and learn a range of general day to day life skills, which will assist in developing a level of independence. People will also be supported and learn skills in how to socially engage with their peers, and successfully manage a shared living environment.

Harry was one of the first people to try this new program and he enjoyed his stay at Lonsdale Avenue, supported by staff member, Suman. Harry participated in activities such as cooking, doing his laundry and making his bed. Harry was supported to cook a meal of pasta and salad which he prepared with one of the other residents staying at the time. The cooking process included kitchen safety with using a sharp knife to cut carrots, capsicum and tomatoes for the salad. Harry’s mum, Anna commented that ‘he doesn’t do this at home’ but she is thrilled he is developing his independence in this area.

A highlight for Harry was developing household skills and he said he enjoyed making his bed in the bedroom he chose for himself. As well as learning skills in the home environment, Harry was also supported to head out into the community and enjoyed a meal at Nando’s. Harry chose his meal from the menu, ordered and paid independently. Harry was incredibly proud of himself after his stay and completing the life skills program, he told staff that his parents would be very pleased that he would be able to help around the house with his new skills.

Gerald was also eager and tried this new program recently at our Asling Street house. Gerald participated in a range of activities while he was there including cooking, washing his clothes and vacuuming the floors. Gerald independently got the vacuum out of the cupboard and vacuumed his whole room. He was very happy with his room once finished. Gerald mentioned he vacuumed the whole room, including under the bed and he was very proud of this. Gerald told staff that his favourite activity was the cooking. Gerald and Harry shared the cooking and both men said they enjoyed hanging out together.

After his stay at Asling Street and completing the Life skills program, Gerald said he liked learning how to do new things around the house, like packing the dishwasher, something he said he had not done before.

If you would like more information about our Life Skills program or would like to book in for our next week commencing Monday December 5, please head to our website.