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In a time long before lockdown, we had the skills of instructor, Claire to guide us through many dance routines and yoga sessions. These weekly programs kept us all entertained and fit and we loved them.

Over the past nearly three years, Claire has still been running these programs and we have still been entertained and remained as fit as possible as we logged on each week and joined the new zoom sessions.

Claire has been with Bayley House for 17 years and has extensive knowledge and years of experience teaching dance fitness and yoga to people of all ability levels. While face to face programs have made a slow return, the consistency of these online sessions has continued to be a big draw card for people at Bayley House who now get to join the sessions as part of their groups. Some people are joining in from home on days they can’t be at Bayley House in person and some are even joining while away interstate. This is a fantastic way to stay connected with your friends while you have fun and get moving.

You can access these programs even if you are not a current Bayley House client so please reach out if you interested.

The programs currently running online are:


Yoga incorporates a themed dialogue that runs throughout the session to create a sense of fun and mind distraction for individuals, along with hidden messages for self-reflection. The session begins with a guided meditation to allow individuals time to relax into their body and quieten the mind. This is followed by awakening the entire body with a flow of salutations to the sun adapted to a floor series. Yoga postures are instructed in such a way that they can be adapted to the individual’s choice of chair or yoga mat to suit all levels of intellectual and physical abilities. The session incorporates a combination of floor stretches and standing balancing postures for strengthening the core. Simple Breathing techniques are entwined into the practice to help align the mind and body. Emphasis is on the breath throughout the session and working wherever the body is at with no expectations and a sense of fun.


This is a fun, energetic, easy fitness session, predominantly seated movement. It suits all levels of physical and intellectual ability and allows the individual to be relaxed in the chair without the feeling of putting too much stress on the body. The emphasis is on strengthening all muscle groups, but through simple easy to follow actions. The session begins with warmup exercises to music, followed by repetition of exercises incorporating a combination of leg, body and arm movements. This is followed by full body flow sequences and choreographed dances to classic and popular favourites.


Line Dancing suits all age groups and abilities. It is a session that works particularly well with large numbers of people and is an exceptionally fun and energetic dance hour to old classics and contemporary popular music. The dance session begins with a warmup dance followed by a fitness dice, whereby individuals are chosen to lead the group in a physical exercise and count down. The bulk of the session incorporates choreographed dance routines that is facilitated by visual and verbal dialogue. And of course there is always time for free disco dancing and expression. Individuals are also encouraged to choreograph their own dance routines, allowing the opportunity to lead the group.


Dance Fitness is a fun and energetic session that incorporates warm up exercises, choreographed dances, free disco movement and games. It is an easy way to get fit and work the whole body with plenty of distraction. The group choreograph dance movements to collectively create dance routines, that brings a sense of achievement and imagination to getting fit. Loads of laughs and teamwork in this session.


If you like to join in any or all of these sessions then please get in touch!