Support goes both ways


New ways to support Bayley House (and yourself)

Bayley House is very fortunate to be working with a number of businesses that are creating new ways to support Bayley House, whilst also supporting yourself. Some examples of this are:

Beyond Bank

At Bayley House we focus on assisting people living with disability and we are partnering with Beyond Bank, which works closely with the sector.

The Bank firmly believes everyone deserves the financial freedom that comes from managing their money and daily transactions.

With a focus on assisting people with disability, they have worked with the sector to make a banking experience that is safe, comfortable, and easy to navigate. They are committed to expanding the number of accessible and inclusive branches that incorporate lighting, acoustics, and signage.

Our partnership includes access to their community reward program, which gives causes like ours access to a donation share of over $600,000 per year.

We need your support to help us achieve our goal. By opening an account with Beyond Bank and saving your money, you’ll receive a great interest rate, and you will also help us with an annual donation from the Bank. You do the saving, and they do the giving.

Beyond Bank believes that communities are stronger when everyone works together.

Find out more, chat to Alice Bunn call 0429 789 189 or visit the team at Beyond Bank, 315 Coventry Street, South Melbourne.

Batten Sacks

Bayley House and Batten Sacks Lawyers and Notaries are pleased to announce their collaboration to support people living with disabilities to live a full and enriched life!

As a valued member of the Bayley House community, you can appreciate the importance of the support offered by Bayley House to people with disability, as well as the importance of setting up mechanisms to ensure the financial affairs of Bayley families are assured.  While you may be responsible for your loved ones’ financial affairs during your lifetime, it is important to consider the mechanisms you can leave in place as part of your legacy, to make sure they are looked after financially when you are no longer around.

Whether you are setting up your first Will or you would like us to review an existing Will, Batten Sacks is here to help. We would be delighted to have an initial obligation-free telephone call with you to discuss your estate planning needs (including a trust). CLICK HERE to complete our questionnaire. Once completed, we will contact you to discuss your intentions and requirements. Alternatively, to speak with one of our lawyers, Wayne Sacks or Anna Pitchouguina, please call us on (03) 8680 5555.