Bayley and the BNI


Since November last year, Bayley House has been a member of business networking group, BNI Prestige.

BNI prestige is made up of one person per professional category and members meet specifically to bring referral opportunities to each other’s businesses. The group has over 30 members and Bayley House is privileged to hold the Not For Profit Chair in the group. This provides us with the opportunity to share information about the important work that Bayley House does, as well as expand our network of potential supporters.

Already to date, Bayley House has benefitted to the total of nearly $20,000 through this network as well as being introduced to a range of businesses and individuals who may be able to help Bayley House in the future.

If you are interested in visiting this networking group and seeing how you may be able to benefit, please get in touch with our Director of Philanthropy and Fundraising, Shaun Spence.