End of Term wrap up

Around Bayley In the Community

Well, as Bon Jovi once famously said ‘Woah, we’re half way there!’ and here we are at term break with everyone enjoying a much needed recharge.

It has been wonderful to see so many people returning to face to face programs at Bayley House, and even better to see groups venturing back out into the community making the most of local events and attractions.

Community Engagement recommenced with some new clients trying their hand at work placement. The netball courts that Sandringham District Netball Association play on are looking match fit now that we are able to get back down there and clean the courts again. Basketball is back in full swing with the weekly competition heating up, shops are being visited, coffees are being had and well, we have had a big first half of the year! We ended the term helping our friends at Collingwood Farm set up for their Winter Solstice bonfire.

We look forward to the remainder of 2022 and seeing what the next half of the year brings.