Creative Licence

Around Bayley

It’s no secret that art is one of the core programs on offer at Bayley House. While we have a dedicated art room at our Brighton campus and eagerly await the grand opening of the Arts Hub, several of our groups are taking creative licence and establishing art programs outside of the art room.

For the past month, in a covid safe environment, a group has been attending pottery classes at the Hampton Community Centre. On Wednesday mornings, the group attends and they are taught how to create pieces of art with clay. Beginning with working their raw clay into more recognisable shapes such as small vases and more recently Easter baskets. The next step is to decorate their work with paint then it’s off to the kiln to be fired. It is quite remarkable what can be created in the short time the group spends there.

Wendy made a small ceramic vase, or vessel as they are known in the pottery circles, then hand painted it and had it to take home by the end of the class. Wendy, who you may remember from our ‘Artists Who Inspire Us’ exhibition in 2021, loves learning new creative techniques. ‘I just love the challenge of it’ she said as she proudly showed off her creation. Mary, who also attends the class, made an Easter set complete with ceramic chicks.

Meanwhile, back at the Nepean Highway hub, instructor Gillian has been supporting her group to learn experimental art techniques. Experimental art includes absolutely everything but for this group it currently involves paint, cardboard and a lot of fun! We think you’ll agree that the artistic freedom of expression is clearly shining through in the resulting work!