Maintenance Crew Assemble!

Around Bayley

The beginning of a new week is always busy at Bayley House. Everyone arriving on Monday morning, excitedly planning what will happen in the coming days. There is a lot to take into consideration.

Given the size of the property at Middle Crescent, there are a number of jobs that could easily get forgotten. It is for this very reason that the ‘Monday Maintenance Crew’ was formed.

The ‘crew’ consists of Angus, Gerald, Kon, Jye, Sam and Danny with instructors Matt and Tom on board to provide support where it is needed. Previously the ‘Crew’ were part of our Gardening Skills program. Gardening Skills was a program that taught skills such as how to use a lawn mower, how to handle the many garden tools and how to maintain a garden. These skills are now being put to use every Monday when the Maintenance Crew swings into action.

Instructor Matt tells the Bayley Buzz ‘It’s typically a bit of gardening but anything that’s pressing and we are able to do.’ This has come to include general gardening, ensuring all common areas are clean and tidy and organising the large amount of recycling. The crew takes great pride in their jobs, one in particular that they all love to participate in is keeping the entrance of the building clean and tidy. This is quite important given the amount of people who use this entrance each day.

No job is too small for this keen crew! It is fantastic to see the group putting so much effort into keeping their surroundings in good shape. We all enjoy knowing that the building is well looked after.

Thanks Maintenance Crew!