Medium Term Accommodation*

Bayley House provides a personalised accommodation, care and independence development package for people who require NDIS funded MTA for up to 90 days. We offer MTA service to clients as they transition from hospital, aged care or other housing to their SDA or other suitable permanent housing or while they wait for home modifications.

For more information or to discuss using the Bayley House MTA service, please send an email directly to Andy Gabriel, General Manager Home & Living.

Who is it for?

We provide an MTA housing and support package for clients with complex care needs as well as those looking for active support to improve participation, choice, and quality of life ensuring that they are supported in all aspects of daily living, including access to appointments, attending cultural or family events and developing and maintaining social relationships.

Bayley House work with you and your care team to ensure that you receive the care, support, and access to the programs you require as you prepare to move to your permanent accommodation. While living at our MTA house you are welcome to access any other available Bayley House programs as part of your MTA plan.

Where is it and what does it cost?

Our first MTA home in Hampton East is a single-story comfortable house with wheelchair access. The home includes 5 comfortable bedrooms and 3 accessible bathrooms, modern, spacious open-plan kitchen with height-adjustable bench. Vegetable gardens with fresh seasonal produce, entertainment Lounge with a big TV and Netflix movies on tap. NDIS MTA funding covers the accommodation costs and under our MTA agreement our clients pay out of pocket costs such as food, telephone, and other bills.

Your plan

We collaborate with you to develop an individualised support plan prior to MTA intake to ensure:

  • We include a person-centric support plan
  • The plan has goals agreed with you and your therapy team
  • You have opportunities to improve health, wellbeing and continued independence development
  • You have experienced support workers to help you achieve your agreed goals

Our team

Bayley House experienced disability support workers have the knowledge and skills to deliver complex supports safely and appropriately.  We will work with an individual’s support team, hospital or current allied health team, to ensure that all client specific training has been completed.  Our Quality and Care Support Officer is a Registered Nurse with complex care support disability experience and will provide ongoing monitoring and oversight and support to our staff.

Our housing and the staff team to provide complex and supportive care including:

  • Epilepsy management
  • Diabetes management
  • Positive Behavioural support including changed behaviour management.
  • Catheter management
  • Bowel management
  • Enteral management (PEG)
  • Non-invasive ventilation management e.g., CPAP, BiPAP
  • Mealtime management
  • Severe dysphagia management,

Please note: Bayley House does not directly support care tasks that require nursing intervention or treatment. External providers are required for these tasks e.g. wound management and insulin administration.

We would be pleased to meet with you and your relevant supports to provide more information about our MTA service.

For more information or to discuss using the Bayley House MTA service, please send an email directly to Andy Gabriel, Deputy General Manager Home & Living.