Saturday Photography


We are thrilled to launch our first monthly Saturday Session at Bayley Arts!

Snapshot Photography club

Over four weeks you will:

  • Learn to handle and utilise SLR camera
  • Workshop image ideas
  • Utilise an object brought in by each participant for still life photography
  • Explore composition, shadow, contrast, colour/black and white and scale
  • Create works that incorporate finished photographs and multi-media fine arts (collage and painting)
  • Learn basics of editing with Photoshop and utilisation of iPad and Apple technology and apps
  • A final print will be provided to each artist with the option to exhibit this in the Bayley Arts end of year Gala Art Show

Group Size:

1:3 ratio with either 3 or 6 group members.

Please note: We will need a minimum of three people to run the program.


Group Activities Standard Saturday (Access Community, Social and Rec)

04_104_0136_6_1 T $93.50/ 4 weeks = $374.00 plus $20 to cover printing and resource

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