Programs of Support


Day Programs  officially moved to Programs of Support on Monday July 12, 2021.
Accommodation SIL services have been transitioning to the PoS model since July 1, 2020.


  1. Currently Bayley House have only implemented PoS programs for;
    • Day Programs
    • Supported Independent Living (SIL)
  1. There are no PoS services at Bayley House yet for;
    • Short Term Accommodation (STA)
    • Community, Leisure & Recreation (CLR)
    • Transport
  1. All programs signed to a PoS, must be/have;
    • A group activity, 1:1 service cannot be placed on a PoS agreement
    • A collective group outcome/goal
    • A signed PoS agreement

Guide to Programs of Support:

  • The program can be no longer than 12 weeks
  • Participants can exit with 2 weeks’ written notice
  • We must also have a service agreement with participant
  • PoS agreement must include;
    • Agreement length
    • Exit rules
    • Intended outcomes
  • Providers cannot pre-claim, claims must be post instances of support


Last year the NDIA announced a new model for delivering group services, called “Programs of Support”. This is a change that we have advocated for over a long period of time because it provides both clients and service providers with long-term clarity around activities and goals and recognises, finally, that group activities are developmental in nature, structured, and that program sessions build on each other as part of a longer-term outcome.

Programs of Support help us provide better support by ensuring that goals/outcomes are a standard part of all that we do. Goals are reviewed at the conclusion of the stated period, normally 12 weeks. The goal may continue for a further 12 weeks if required or relevant. The PoS gives greater certainty to clients and families that the supports are delivered at the agreed levels and monitored more frequently throughout the year.


When a client’s plan has been reviewed after the 1st July 2020, they have been moved by the NDIA to the new SIL pricing model, coinciding with that move Bayley House has been transitioning the client to a PoS requirement for SIL services.

The Day Program team has put in a great deal of work and training to move to Programs of Support and even though they will not adopt the new pricing structure at this point, we will still implement the day-to-day practical side of Programs of Support. This means that every activity/program that clients engage in through Day Programs will have a specific goal and an overarching outcome that the groups of clients will work towards.

Bayley House will continue to provide progress and feedback reports for client’s NDIS meetings and will continue with quarterly goal monitoring and annual check-ins with clients and families.

Bayley House Day Program group activities and SIL services will be delivered via the Programs of Support model.  You will see some changes at the administrative level, such as, without a signed Programs of Support agreement Bayley House will be unable to deliver these services. The PoS model enables providers to better budget for staffing and cost of delivery, it acknowledges that Bayley House’s costs do not change when a participant does not attend. Our staffing does not change, our heating costs do not change, other participants in the group attend and are provided with a service. And so, as provided by the NDIS PoS model, we will continue to charge a client even if they are not in attendance.

Clients can exit from the Program of Support without cost, subject to a two (2) week notice period. But please note, Bayley House will only be providing these services via the Programs of Support model, so a choice to not access these services through the PoS model is a choice to not receive these services from Bayley House. The conditions which apply to exiting Bayley House services are detailed in our existing Service Agreement and also covered in NDIS requirements.