In Memorial


We would like to remember and acknowledge the following people for their contributions to the Bayley House community.

Diane Buckley
1946 – 2024

Diane was a much loved member of Bayley House for 56 years. Diane retired from our Day Programs in 2020. Diane was a soft spoken woman who enjoyed the company of her peers and being part of many our programs including woodwork and art. Di was an avid St Kilda supporter and will be missed by all of us in the Bayley community.

Paula Dalton
1932 – 2024

Paula was a great supporter of Bayley House and our Family & Friends group. Her son, Tim is a long standing Bayley House client while his brothers Richard and Damian have been Bayley House board and Bayley House Foundation board members past and present. We send our condolences to Paula’s family who remain passionate supporters of Bayley House.

Sending our condolences

  • We send our condolences to Bayley Bird, Gwenda Hance, for the passing of her son Tony Hance.