Wording for your gift in your will

To ensure that Bayley House receives your gift, please include the following wording.

“I give free of all duties or taxes…

[Please insert here the appropriate statement selected from the six options below:

  • the whole of my estate
  • [insert number] percent of my estate
  • the residue of my estate
  • [insert number] percent of the residue of my estate
  • the sum of $ [insert value of your gift]
  • (Details of specific asset – such as shares or property)

…to The Trustee of BAYLEY HOUSE FOUNDATION (ABN 51 874 696 682) for its general purposes. The receipt of an authorised officer for the time being of The Trustee of the BAYLEY HOUSE FOUNDATION shall constitute a full and sufficient discharge of my executor’s duties.

If you feel comfortable, we would love to hear if you have left us a gift in your Will. We would love to thank you for your generosity and gain a greater understanding of your passion for Bayley House. Please contact our Legacy Giving Manager [email protected]


Estate Executors

If you are administering an estate of a loved one, we appreciate this can be a tough, and at times complex, process while you are grieving.

We are greatly appreciative of any bequest left to Bayley House and ask that you contact our Legacy Giving Manager [email protected] who can provide support and guidance to both personal and professional executors.