Family & Friends Newsletter


Bayley House Family & Friends group meet every month and provide a support network for family members within our community. The group is also responsible for many fundraising efforts that directly support Bayley House clients.


September 2023

Coming Events

We’re back at Bayley!

Next Meeting: Wednesday 4 October

10.30am for 11.00am at Bayley House, 52 Middle Crescent, Brighton.

We will be in the room down the ramp and on the right.

Dates for the Diary

Lucky Prize Night

  • Brighton Town Hall
  • 7.00pm Friday 13 October

More information below.


Hi guys! I’m back. After a fantastic holiday cruising around Scandinavia, I’m rested and here to inform you of the latest happenings around Bayley.

Michelle Hayward, Director of Philanthropy, attended our meeting. She was most welcome and made a few valuable contributions including information about the upcoming Bayley House Foundation lunch.

As we will be having meetings at Bayley in future, a letter was sent to management at Classic Residences, thanking them for their hospitality in giving us space to have our meetings and for the lunches available at the restaurant. It is true to say that without Classic giving us a room, we would have had nowhere to meet while Bayley was shut due to Covid.


Lucky Prize Night! 

I hope you have booked your table for the Lucky Prize Night. Places are filling fast so please call Pat Calver and secure your place.

Our main prize this year is a 55” Smart Television generously donated by Harvey Norman Commercial. There will be lots of other prizes including the auction of a framed, autographed 2006 St Kilda Jumper and lots of other ways to raise money. So bring along all your spare coins!

Lucky Prize Night Flyer


Warwick Cavanagh’s Report

Bayley Arts is going well, apart from a few hiccups due to Covid.

The Official launch of Bayley Arts will be held on 7 September.

Our new CEO Deb Stuart is starting on 16 October and Warwick’s last day is on 18 October.


Penny Scott’s Report

Penny reported that the first week after Bayley Arts opened was a bit challenging but now that the clients and staff are beginning to establish a routine, things are going increasingly smoothly. There is a lot of Covid around in both staff and clients. This has only served to increase the difficulties of establishing a routine for all.

Bayley Arts will have its’ official opening on Thursday 7 September. Key supporters and donors plus volunteers will be attending.

On Saturday 9 September, is a Community Day for people to attend between 10 and 2, to experience for themselves the superior offerings.

Penny was asked to provide a “wish list” of things that Family and Friends could supply to Bayley, to replace the Cook Book Project. We have a certain amount of money in a term deposit and as it is ear marked for Bayley, it has been decided that it was time to donate some of it. The meeting unanimously approved the donation. Further discussion will take place and we will announce what we have decided to support.


Residential Raisers

Entertainment Books are available as usual.

Hilda is having a September Raffle – See attached Flyer.

Residential Raisers Raffle


That’s about as much excitement as I can handle for one day! Looking forward to seeing some smiling faces back at Bayley at our next meeting and then at the Lucky Prize Night on Friday 13.


Margot Broadway





Coming Events

Next Meeting:

Wednesday 6 September

Classic Residences 10.30 for 11am start

3 Brewer Road, Brighton East. The meeting is held in a separate room off the main dining room.


Wednesday 4 October: Family and Friends meeting returns to Bayley House Middle Crescent (fingers crossed)! Will confirm in the September newsletter.



Friday 13 October

Venue: Brighton Town Hall

Time: 7pm for 7.30pm start        

Entry $5.00 per person (Clients Free)

You can book direct with Pat Calver 0407 684 272 / 9592 5116 or email Pat with your booking details.

Please make your payment on the night.

Bring your own snacks and drinks.

Please Note: This is not a Bayley House event so all clients will need to have transport and a carer arranged.

Pre-Bookings have opened already and there has been a lot of interest!

Wednesday 29 November                         

Bayley House Family & Friends Christmas Lunch. This has again been booked at the Cheltenham R.S.L. The Smooth Stars will be the entertainment on the day.

Even though a small group today it was great to see Michelle Hayward, Penny Scott and Warwick Cavanagh attend to give us updates on what is happening at Bayley.

Christmas in July was a huge success and again the Cheltenham R.S.L did a marvellous job setting up the room and the food was great. Many thanks to Gayle Pook and her group of friends who are great supporters of Family and Friends as we had over 60 attend and raffle prizes galore. Gayle came dressed as one of Santa’s elves – she always makes us laugh!!  We raised $1,605.00.

Lesley Swallow will be celebrating a special birthday on 29 August and so of course we had to have cake today to help her celebrate!

Lucky Prize Night is not far away so make sure you book your table. Donations of raffle prizes or money to purchase prizes would be gratefully received – they can be left at the Bayley House office marked for the attention of Pat Calver.

The Comics Lounge function planned for September unfortunately has had to be rescheduled due to circumstances out of our control. It is now planned for the end of February/early March 2024. As soon as the date is confirmed we will let you know.


Warwick Cavanagh’s Report

Bayley Arts is still a few weeks away unfortunately. The building surveyor is waiting on paper work from Fire Risk Victoria and several other issues before he can revisit Bayley Arts again and hopefully sign off on the project.

Penny Scott’s Report

Penny confirmed that the clients Christmas Party is booked at the Sandringham Yacht Club for December and that Family and Friends will be subsidising the lunch as usual. Penny will attend our September meeting and will give us a “wish list” so we can discuss where some of our funds could be put to use for the good of the clients. She also mentioned they were looking into new programs.



Hilda Glotzer-Rozenfeld has organised a raffle for September.

12 Prizes consisting of $350 Photo sitting, $220 Coffee Machine, $200 Cutlery Set and many more.

Entertainment membership can be sourced directly from the Website  and Bayley House will receive a donation. Special deals are frequently offered.

Les Clefs d’Or have been wonderful supporters and held a small event raising $1,000 for Residential Raisers.

Residential Raisers have raised a total of $3,419.80 for the past financial year.


Gillian Peatling (filling in while Margot is on her cruise)



JULY 2023

Coming Events

Wednesday 26 July                                    

Christmas in July, to be held at Cheltenham R.S.L 12.00 for 12.30, Fifty Acres Bistro.

Wednesday 2 August

Bayley House Family and Friends.  At Classic Residences. 10.30 for 11.00. We will be staying for lunch.


Friday 13 October

Lucky Prize Night.


This will be our last one. We are hoping that it will be remembered as the best ever. Please book here.

Wednesday 29 November                         

Bayley House Family and Friends Christmas Lunch. This has again been booked at the Cheltenham R.S.L. The Smooth Stars will be the entertainment on the day.

We sadly noted that Wally Matthews, husband of Fay and father of Carol, died recently. There has been no funeral but all of us from Family and Friends who have known Wally over the years are aware of the huge contribution he has made to Bayley House over the years through his time on the Board. We send Fay our condolences and best wishes.

Pat proudly displayed the Certificate we received from Grill’d to recognise our participation in its’ fund raising program.

Warwick Cavanagh’s Report

Warwick introduced Michelle Hayward who is our new Director of Philanthropy, and she spoke about her background, coming to us from Caulfield Grammar. She did say it was a big learning curve and we could all sympathise.

She is preparing for the launch of Bayley Arts at the beginning of September. She is working to understand the demographic of our donor base and looking to broaden it.

Warwick then told us that the reason clients had not started at Bayley Arts was because the building surveyor was unable to sign off the job as several issues remained. These need to be fixed before he could sign off. To demonstrate the detail needed, he said that even the toilet roll holders had to meet specifications. This sparked a spirited discussion on whether the toilet paper needs to roll “over” or “under”. A vote was not taken but the general consensus was that “over” is desirable.

This will delay the start by some weeks yet.

With regards to Bayley’s partnership with the disability housing provider BlueCHP, things are progressing with the first house and a second house is on the way.

Another meeting is planned which will seek participation from the wider community

Residential Raisers

Hilda Glotzer-Rozenfeld has organised a raffle for September. She is preparing 12 Prizes

She reminded us that we can get our Entertainment Books directly from the website and Bayley House will get a donation. There are quite often special deals offered.



The Treasurer’s Report was moved and seconded and the Election of Office Bearers was held.

As there were no nominations other than the present Office Bearers for their existing Roles we welcomed:

President: Pat Calver

Minute Secretary: Gillian Peatling

Treasurer: Lesley Swallow

Newsletter Secretary: Margot Broadway

President’s Report – See Attached



Cheerio folks, I am off on a Viking Cruise for five weeks.




JUNE 2023


Coming Events

Wednesday 12 July

Annual General Meeting of Bayley House Family and Friends.

  • Classic Residences
  • 10.30am for 11.00am start
  • We will be staying for lunch.
  • Office Bearers to be elected at this meeting. (See Nomination form link at the end of this Newsletter)

Wednesday 26th July                                     

Christmas in July

  • Cheltenham R.S.L



Sunday 10 September

Spend an afternoon at the Comics Lounge in North Melbourne. The Lounge is pulling out all the stops for a fun afternoon that will be a significant fundraiser for Bayley House.

Friday 13 October

Lucky Prize Night. This will be our last ever one. We are hoping that it will be the best ever.

Wednesday 29 November                         

Family and Friends Christmas Lunch.

  • Cheltenham R.S.L



We welcomed Kelly Smith to our meeting and she filled us in on how changes in the web based system affect us. It will now have improved accessibility.

One of the changes is that tear off slips will need to be printed out and delivered to the Bayley House office marked: Attention for Pat Calver.


If you would like to join us at our Christmas in July, bank transfers would be a convenient way to pay.

Please make your payment to:

Bayley House Family and Friends

  • BSB: 083-231
  • Account Number: 5154-28137

Make sure you leave your name and the number of people you are bringing. Any dietary requirements need to be emailed to Pat Calver.

If you prefer you can also download a reply form from the link below:


  • Our campaign at Grill’d was a success. Bayley House was the runner up and in due course, Family and Friends will receive a cheque for $100
  • As requested, the container is now empty. Our belongings, including prizes for the Lucky Prize Night are now stored elsewhere

Can you help?

We need your support to supply prizes for:

  • Christmas in July raffle (edible prizes are always welcome)
  • The Lucky Prize Night


Warwick Cavanagh’s Report

The Bayley Arts Hub in Avoca Street Cheltenham is nearing completion. It already has its’ own dedicated staff working. Whilst there are exciting developments ahead, we are all learning as we go.

Bayley has now solved the problem of invoices going into Spam or Junk boxes. (Admit it, you thought it was your fault!)

Residential Raisers

Hilda Glotzer-Rozenfeld reminded us that we can get our Entertainment Books and Bayley House will get a donation.

She is also putting together a Residential Raisers raffle in early September. 12 prizes will be offered and more information will be offered in coming Newsletters.



Our next meeting will be held on 12 July and it is the A.G.M.

Nomination forms can be downloaded from the link below and if you would like to nominate for any of the Committee Positions, please get your Nominee to agree and bring the form to the A.G.M.


So until we see you, Smile!!






Wednesday 7 June

Meeting of Family and Friends. At Classic Residences. 10.30 for 11.00. We will be staying for lunch.

Wednesday 26 July

Christmas in July at Cheltenham R.S.L.

Please Note: Our July Meeting will be on Wednesday 12, due to Bayley House Term Break.



Sunday 10 September

An exciting afternoon of fun at the Comic’s Lounge in North Melbourne. Please Save the Date. More details will follow. This is an opportunity to put together a table of friends and clients. The Comic’s Lounge often features well known comedians.

Friday 13 October

Lucky Prize Night

Wednesday 29 November

The Cheltenham R.S.L. has been booked for our Christmas lunch.

It was a fairly brief Meeting (for us!) but we managed to get through our business at hand.

Grill’d Restaurant in Elsternwick has a charity fundraising program, in which they have three jars on the counter and when you buy a meal you will receive a token and can drop it in the jar marked Bayley House. They are doing this all of May and the jar with the most tokens will receive a cheque for $300. So put your Hamburger boots on and order from or visit Grill’d before the end of May.

Warwick Cavanagh’s report

Several of our members are finding that emails from Bayley House are continuing to go into Junk or Spam. When this issue was raised at an earlier meeting, Bayley House sent instructions to “fix” the problem but the suggestions didn’t work, much to our members’ annoyance. Some of you may find that this is the case. Warwick is to talk to the Accounts Department and let them know that it is still a problem.

Those of you who are managing their own plan may notice that the invoices are going out in a slightly different format, they now show the breakup of hours between face to face hours and prep hours.

Completion date for the Arts Hub is looking likely to be end of May. Formal programs will commence in Term 3 though there may be some activities and tours prior to that. There will be an official opening and more details will be coming.

Warwick’s next piece of news was unexpected. He will be retiring in October. The Board is aware and has already commenced looking for a new CEO.

A new Director of Philanthropy has been appointed, she is Michelle Hayward, and will start early June.


Residential Raisers

Hilda Glotzer Rozenfeld reported that Entertainment Books are now only available online.

Membership can be purchased at the Entertainment website.

They are running a promotion until midday Wednesday 24 May.

  • $20 gift card with a 12-month Membership
  • $40 gift card with a 24-month Membership

So until I see you all at our June meeting, I wish you a Happy May and I might see you at Grill’d!






When: Wednesday 26 July

Time: 12.30pm

Where: Cheltenham R.S.L.

Cost: $40 per person

Please email Pat Calver to book your tickets and advise of any dietary requirements.

Payment can be sent to the Bayley House office in an envelope marked ‘Attention Pat Calver’ or you can bring it to the next meeting.




APRIL 2023

We had to get through Easter before we could have a meeting, hence the delayed date. There were a lot of familiar faces or was it the small room that we were in today?

Condolences were passed to Hilda Glotzer-Rozenfeld whose husband died on 13 March. She has been missed at our meetings. It was a welcome return.

If anyone has or knows of someone who has a “Seville Orange” tree (those are the ones with bitter tasting oranges) and they are willing to donate the oranges, Kate Woodward would be really grateful. For years, she has been making marmalade from a prolific fruiting tree. It is sold as a fundraiser for Bayley House Family and Friends and there are people who depend on their daily marmalade who would miss it greatly. Sadly, the tree appears to have very little fruit on it this year. Kate would love to hear from you if you can help. Her phone number is 0423 977 266.

Our newsletter is now going out to parents of clients who are new to Bayley House. Hopefully some of you will come along to a meeting and see what we can do to make a difference in our clients’ lives.

Our Easter Raffle did surprisingly well and 16 prizes were offered. Our thanks to all the people who donated the prizes. We also would like to thank all the people who supported us by buying tickets and congratulations to our prize winners.

Gayle Pook has a group of friends who are great supporters of Family and Friends, by attending a lot of our functions and in large numbers. Gayle conducted her own Easter Raffle (charmingly dressed as the Easter Bunny!) and raised $340.00. Apparently, her perspiration levels were off the charts when she was able to shed her costume. Our congratulations to Gayle for her fundraising AND her fortitude in surviving the suit.

We are looking forward to the Christmas in July function. More on that in the next Newsletter.

Warwick Cavanagh’s Report

Warwick explained more about the new pricing model of NDIS which can be confusing as the invoices are expressed in a different format. He gave us an overview of the Accommodation and Support Services. A new manager has been appointed specifically for Support and Accommodation Services. Bayley has partnered with Blue Chp, which builds and maintains Supported Disability Accommodation. They will be working with families to design and construct new houses. Bayley House will provide the client support .

The Arts Hub will be launching in Term 3.

Penny Scott’s Report

Penny has been having meetings with Special Schools in the area with a view to increasing the intake at Bayley House.

Penny has been working with Natarsha part time, as well as overseeing Day Programs.

The Arts Hub is becoming increasingly necessary in the full implementation of client programs and when it opens it will facilitate this.

Residential Raisers

Hilda Glotzer-Rozenfeld reported that the Entertainment Books are now e-Books.

Currently there is a promotion offer commencing Wednesday 12 April and ending Wednesday 26 April.

The offer is:

  • 3 month membership – ebook
  • 12 month membership – ebook plus 4 month extension
  • 24 month membership – ebook plus 4 month extension

Purchase your copy here and support Bayley House.

We look forward to seeing you next month when we will be discussing an exciting event coming up in mid September.

See you all on Wednesday 3 May.


Margot Broadway


Next Meeting:

Meeting of Family and Friends. At Classic Residences.

10.30 for 11.00 Start. We will be staying for lunch.


Wednesday 26 July

Christmas in July at the Cheltenham R.S.L.

Friday 13 October

Lucky Prize Night

Wednesday 29 November   

The Cheltenham R.S.L. has been booked for our Christmas Lunch again.

<hr />

MARCH 2023

We have been waiting so long to celebrate Paula Dalton’s 90th Birthday (cake for Zeros, remember) that she is nearly 91! So, fully expecting her at the Meeting, cake was organised. Unfortunately she was unable to come. What to do? I won’t keep you in suspense – we all had a slice and wished her the happiest of Birthdays in absentia. The remaining cake was delivered for Paula’s enjoyment.

Our Easter Buns and Eggs will be distributed to the Clients on Monday 3 April. Sadly the Easter Bunny is unable to attend as the logistics of having him on site at morning tea time at two Places render it impossible (even for the Easter Bunny!!!)

Our Cricket match against Elsternwick Cricket Club on Saturday 25 Feb was once again a howling success. The skilled cricketers from Bayley House easily outplayed Elsternwick and again retained the trophy.

If you’ve received your “Bayley Buzz” email, check out the Family and Friends feature inside. It explains a bit about what we do and how we would love your support.

Warwick Cavanagh’s Report

Warwick gave us a bit of an overview about how Bayley is travelling. The Arts Hub is coming together well, taking into consideration the problems in the Building industry which are beyond Bayley’s control. Several of the parents present took the opportunity to ask Warwick specific questions relating to their Client. He was able to give satisfactory answers in an informal environment.

Residential Raisers

Entertainment Books are still available, you order from the Entertainment website, where the sales contribute towards fundraising for Bayley House.



 Enjoy our lovely Autumn weather, it is my favourite season. Looking forward to seeing you on




Next Meeting:

Wednesday 19 April.

Meeting of Bayley House Family and Friends. At Classic Residences. 10.30 for 11.00 start. We will be staying for lunch.


Wednesday 26 July

Christmas in July at the Cheltenham R.S.L.

Friday 13 October

Lucky Prize Night

Wednesday 29 November   

The Cheltenham R.S.L. has been booked for our Christmas Lunch again.