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We provide rewarding opportunities that facilitate continual learning, enhanced independence, and inclusion in our wider community to enable the people we support to live a full and meaningful life with choice and control.

We listen to you to understand your goals, likes and interests and support you to achieve those goals and set new ones. Our extensive programs of support develop your potential, your skills and ultimately gives you greater independence and community inclusion.

A variety of Programs of Support are available during the day, and several activities after hours and on weekends.

We support you to:

  • Develop your talents and potential
  • Attain new skills
  • Be an active member of your community
  • Enjoy friendships and social opportunities
  • Foster greater independence

It provides structure, routine, opportunities for interaction outside family and a protected and safe environment.

 Annon, Customer Satisfaction  Survey 2021

Skill Development

At Bayley House we support you to develop skills that will assist you in your everyday life. We work with you to establish your needs in order to support you to work towards achieving your goals.

We create engaging opportunities that provide you with the choices you need to reach your potential. We enable you to learn and grow, to build confidence and independence and to contribute to the wider community in a meaningful and impactful way.

  • Group based social outings around Melbourne
  • Bayley Entrepreneurs
  • Independent Living Skills
  • Life Skills Cooking
  • Computers and iPads
  • Garden Maintenance
  • Barista training and continued skill development
  • Volunteer work experience: Community Engagement
  • Certificate 1 Courses in transition education, life skills and work readiness
  • Writer’s Club (literacy and creative writing skills)
  • Media – photography and graphic design
  • Assistive Technology (eye gaze)
  • Work based skill building

Creative Arts

Many programs are on offer at Bayley House that will support you to find a suitable creative outlet. Our traditional Art program is one of our most popular with an exhibition held each year to celebrate and highlight the talented artists who participate in this program.

Supplementing our traditional Art program, we have several options that allow you tap into your creative expression, such as:

  • Retail Art and Craft
  • Wellness Art (Therapeutic)
  • Art and Craft
  • Music, Singing and Song Writing
  • Drama – All Star Theatre
  • Textile Art and Design – including Fashion Parade
  • Bayley Babble podcast
  • Dance
  • Dance Therapy
  • Men’s Shed Woodworking

Health & Wellbeing

Wellbeing includes emotional and physical health. Exercise and increased physical fitness bring many benefits, and not just to our bodies. Emotional and social wellbeing are promoted through many activities including yoga and meditation. 

We offer a wide variety of activities based on interest, feedback and skill level. We access local facilities and benefit from accredited coaches in basketball, gym training and aqua fitness.

  • Basketball and Netball (GESAC and King Club)
  • Gym (GESAC and King Club)
  • Swimming at GESAC
  • Yoga
  • Group exercise such as aerobics and step classes
  • Fishing
  • Water relaxation (hydrotherapy)


A wide range of employment training is available at Bayley House, combining a mix of in-house skill development and community-based learning opportunities. These programs ensure that our clients who chose to pursue pathways to employment are supported and ready to undertake employment or workplace training opportunities.

We currently offer the following programs that support employment training:

  • Bayley Entrepreneurs
  • Computers and iPads
  • Garden Maintenance
  • Bayley Bean Shed Barista training
  • Volunteer work experience: Community Engagement
  • Certificate 1 Courses
  • Work based skill building:
  • School Leavers Employment Support – SLES

Thanks to our partnerships with local businesses, our Workplace Training initiative creates the opportunity for clients to participate in either voluntary or paid work experiences.

The program allows our clients to learn new skills, build strong connections with staff and customers, boost morale and enhance a sense of teamwork, all while being supported by Bayley House staff. 


Bayley is a great place for people with disabilities. It encourages people to extend themselves and try different things ; plus it helps the clients to be caring and supportive of others. The staff are on the ball if they see changes with our child and works together with us and definitely let’s us know if there appears to be something out of character for our loved one.

Annon, Customer Satisfaction Survey 2021


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