Consider a gift of impact this Christmas

This Christmas, as we purchase gifts for our family and friends, please also consider providing a gift for our Bayley House Artists.

As you can see on the Bayley House Christmas Wishlist below, we are in need of a number of items that you can gift to make an impact.

Wouldn’t it be Great?
Together, we can create art…and impact. Buy a gift for our Bayley House Artists.

In just a matter of weeks when our new Bayley Arts Hub launches, we will have the ideal space for our arts programs to flourish, grow and thrive to provide the best possible experience for our artists.

However, as our clients often point out, with this new space, comes a need for new materials and equipment. While we have always provided the best equipment, with more and more clients joining art programs, we know that we desperately need to update and expand our current stocks.

Below is our ‘Christmas Wish List’ that has been developed by our clients and our Art staff. By donating this Christmas, you can directly support people with disability by providing the equipment that they need to fulfil their goals and aspirations.

  • Paint brushes: $15 Each

  • Chalk and Oil Pastel Sets: $50 Each

  • Coloured pencils and crayons: $100 Each

  • Acrylic Paint Sets: $150 Each

  • Canvas: $200 Each

  • Portable and accessible easel: $400 Each

  • Artist Classes: $500 Each

  • Camera for film making: $1,000 Each

  • Basic Sewing Supplies and textiles: $1,500 Each

  • Mac Book Pro for digital art: $2,000 Each

  • Floating Walls to display art: $4,000 Each

  • Mural: $5,000

Thank you for supporting people with intellectual disability to live a full and enriched life. 

If you would like more information on specific projects and initiatives that you can support, please contact Director of Philanthropy and Fundraising, Shaun Spence at [email protected]