Bayley Voice Group

Bayley House is proud to introduce our new Client Voice Group. In 2020 an invitation was sent out to clients and staff in the form of an accessible video. We were thrilled to receive many expressions of interest from which we have selected a group of clients and staff who were enthusiastic about contributing and have much to offer. This group of individuals forms our first Client Voice Group, please scroll down to meet the members.

The Client Voice Group will work together on special projects including:

  • Increasing client voice,
  • Feedback
  • Sharing ideas
  • Increasing the accessibility of information
  • Consumer Meetings for Clients

Meetings are held monthly. If you require any support or would like more client input to your particular projects, paperwork or any other area please reach out to us. We will share any information that is discussed at our Consumer Meetings so you are up to date with client ideas and questions.


Shannon La Brooy

Shannan joined the group in order to advocate for those within the Bayley House community who might not always get a chance to speak up.


Daniel Fatourous

Daniel is one of the newest members of the Bayley House community, starting with us in 2020. Daniel joined the Client Voice Group so that he could meet new people and work on his leadership skills.


Mark Phillips

Mark Joined the Client Voice Group because he wants to see people that he wouldn’t normally get to see. He also enjoys being part of a group that works to support others.


Jacqui Shafar

Jacqui has been part of Bayley House for 13 years and joined the Client Voice Group as it was new and she thought it would be fun.


Lauren Smith

The thought of coming up with new ideas for Bayley House is what attracted Lauren to the Client Voice Group. She wants to contribute to change and make new friends along the way.


Serena Collister

Serena was keen to join the group so she could work on new ideas and be part of the group initiating change in other areas of Bayley House.


Bar Levin

Bar has been at Bayley House for over 10 years and enjoys mixing with a wide variety of his peers. Bar joined the Client Voice Group because he wants to help be a voice for people who don’t speak with words.


Tessa Hens

Tessa has been the driving force behind the Client Voice Group and has taken a lead role in developing the group. Tessa will assist in guiding the focus of the group on projects that produce positive outcomes for Bayley House.


Anna Jones

A relatively new face at Bayley House, Anna joined so that she could get involved in and meet more people.


Paul Masterson

Paul has been involved in many client groups during his long tenure at Bayley House, including the monthly Consumer Group meetings and the VALID network meetings. He is keen to combine his work in all three groups to the benefit of the wider Bayley House community.


Jacqueline McLeod

Jacqueline has been a long time member of the art team and she joined this group so she could contribute to new ideas for Bayley House.