A Lasting Legacy

Gifts in Wills

New Bayley House Gifts in Wills campaign

We are pleased to share with you the recent launch of our recent Gifts in Wills campaign. This initiative is designed to offer our supporters a meaningful way to contribute to our mission well into the future.

Our Gift in Wills program allows you to leave a gift (bequest) in your will via the Bayley House Foundation, ensuring that your legacy of support continues to empower and enrich the lives of people with intellectual disability. The initiative not only helps Bayley House sustain current programs but also enables us to plan for future growth and development.

The Bayley House Foundation plays a crucial role in this program by managing and stewarding the funds received through gifts in wills. The Foundation ensures that your contributions are wisely invested and utilised, providing long-term financial stability and growth for Bayley House. This careful stewardship allows us to maximise the impact of your legacy, ensuring it benefits our clients for years to come.

Equally important is ensuring we understand our bequestors’ intentions so we can ensure we recognise their generosity. If you have left us a bequest or plan do to so, we encourage you to contact Kim Gasperino for a confidential discussion.

Regardless of your estate planning intentions, we encourage our community to seek independent legal advice to ensure your Will is up to date, along with any other relevant provisions. To support our community, we plan to run a wills and estate planning information session in the coming months to provide an overview of key areas to consider when planning your future arrangements.

Leaving a gift in your will can make a profound and lasting impact on our community. Whether it’s a specific amount, or a percentage of your estate, every gift makes a difference.

For more information about how you can leave a gift in your will, please click here.